PAK: Suspicion of alcohol-cocaine in Imran’s urine sample? Health Minister said – will make the medical report public

The medical report of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has come to the fore. This report has been released by the Health Minister of the country.

Many kinds of speculations are being made in Pakistan regarding Imran Khan. Ever since his first arrest and then release, various discussions are taking place regarding that entire episode. Now in the same episode, the Health Minister of Pakistan has released the medical report of former PM Imran Khan.

What in the medical report regarding Imran?

In a press conference, Pakistan’s Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel said that Imran Khan’s urine sample was taken. That sample was properly examined by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences. Pakistan’s health minister claimed that when Imran Khan’s urine sample was tested, the initial report said some toxic chemicals were found. It was then suspected that there could be traces of alcohol and cocaine in the sample. But still these claims have not been fully confirmed, in such a situation the Health Minister has said that he does not want to reach any kind of conclusion right now.

The Health Minister has also said that there is a question on Imran’s mental condition, his medical report will be made public soon. It was also emphasized that the way the former PM is behaving, he cannot be called a ‘fit man’.


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Is the talk of fracture also false?

Now this claim has been made by the Health Minister of Pakistan, it has been said on his behalf that all these things have been written in the medical report of Imran Khan. The health minister has now clarified about the bullet that hit Imran Khan last year and when it was later claimed that he had fractured his leg. He has insisted that Imran Khan is lying. The fracture was never confirmed in his medical reports.

What did Imran’s party tell?

By the way, Imran’s party PTI has given a sharp reaction to these claims. It has been said that legal action will be taken against the Health Minister and his assistants for this report. It is being told that a legal team has also been formed to defend Imran. For information, let us tell you that the whole ruckus started in Pakistan when Imran was arrested by Pak Rangers. When he came to the court to hear a case, he was dramatically dragged by the collar and then arrested.

Why did the situation deteriorate in Pakistan?

At that time Imran had claimed that he was assaulted. Lathis were used on them, due to which they became unconscious. Later, the court of Pakistan also considered Imran’s arrest wrong and ordered his release.


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