Pakistan: Accident of the vehicle of Imran Khan’s convoy, former Prime Minister said that the policemen entered inside the house and assaulted

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s convoy met with an accident. Vehicles running in Imran Khan’s convoy collided with each other.

In connection with the hearing of the Toshakhana case, a car in the convoy of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, going to Islamabad, met with an accident. Pakistan media gave information about this. It is being told that three people were injured when a vehicle overturned. At the same time, Imran claimed that the police barged into his house and beat him up.

Police entered inside Imran Khan’s house

Pakistan’s former PM Imran Khan was going from Lahore to Islamabad to hear the Toshakhana case, when his convoy met with an accident. There is news of some people getting injured in this accident. However, Imran Khan is completely safe and is on his way to Islamabad. A vehicle overturned in this accident. Imran Khan today criticized the police for barging into his house on his way to Islamabad. In a video posted by his party, policemen are seen beating party workers with lathis inside the premises. PTI party says Pakistan Police has entered Lahore property of former PM Imran Khan

Three injured in car overturn

3 vehicles of Imran Khan’s convoy collided with each other. It is being told that the accident happened due to high speed. There is news of many people injured in the accident. After the accident, the former PM said that efforts are being made to stop me. They want to arrest me. It is part of the London Plan. Nawaz Sharif’s demand is that Imran should be put in jail. They do not want me to participate in any election. I believe in the law, so I am going to appear in the court.

I believe in the rule of law – Imran Khan

Before leaving Lahore for Islamabad, Imran Khan tweeted, “It is now clear that the PDM government wants to arrest me despite being granted bail in all my cases. Despite knowing their malicious intentions, I am going to Islamabad and the court because I believe in the rule of law.”


When tear gas shells were fired, Imran came out of the house wearing a mask, seeing the war-like situation, the court stayed the arrest of the former PM

Imran Khan accused of attacking the police

In his second tweet, Imran wrote, “Meanwhile Punjab Police attacked my house in Zaman Park where Bushra Begum is alone. Under which law are they doing this? This is part of the London Plan where fugitive Nawaz Sharif was agreed to be brought to power in return for agreeing to an appointment. It is also now clear that the entire siege of Lahore was not to ensure that I appear before the court in a case, but was aimed at taking me to jail so that I could not lead our election campaign.”

Strict security arrangements have been made in Islamabad. Police has imposed section 144 in the city. About one thousand policemen from other cities of Pakistan have been called to Islamabad for security arrangements.


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