Pakistan: Imran Khan’s ex-wife did third marriage, Mirza Bilal is 13 years younger than Reham

Pakistan News: Reham Khan, ex-wife of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and PTI chief Imran Khan, has married for the third time.

Reham Khan Marriage: Reham Khan, ex-wife of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, has married for the third time. Reham herself gave information about her marriage on social media. The name of Reham Khan’s new husband is Mirza Bilal. The age gap between the two is 13 years. Reham and Bilal got married in a simple ceremony in America itself.

Reham Khan got divorced from Imran Khan in the year 2015. Like Reham Khan, Mirza Bilal has also been married twice before. Mirza Bilal is also the father of a child.

Reham Khan has given information about her marriage by sharing a photo with Mirza Bilal on Twitter. While sharing the photo, Reham Khan wrote in the caption, “Finally I have found the person I can trust.”

Reham Khan is 13 years older than new husband Mirza Bilal

According to Pakistani media reports, Reham Khan’s husband Mirza Bilal is of Pakistani origin but currently lives in America. Mirza Bilal is 36 years old. He was a model earlier by profession and is now in the corporate world. At the same time, Reham Khan is 49 years old, who is a journalist as well as a commentator. Reham started her career as a TV host in the year 2006. In the year 2008, he started a job in BBC. After which in the year 2015, she started doing ‘The Reham Khan Show’ with Dawn News.


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British-born Pakistani journalist and commentator Reham Khan was first married in 1993 to Ejaz Rehman. She got divorced with Ejaz in 2005. After this, Reham married Imran Khan in 2014 but both of them got divorced after a year in 2015.

After her divorce from Imran Khan in the year 2015, Reham made many controversial statements regarding Imran’s politics and his character. A controversial memoir of Reham was also published in 2018, in which many objectionable claims were made about Imran Khan. Reham had said in an interview that Imran is such a person who just wants to please himself. He is a very proud person.


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