Pakistan went two steps ahead of Justin Trudeau, linked Nijjar’s murder to Hindutva, absurd statement of acting PM

The murder case of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada has soured Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s relations with India. On one hand, Justin Trudeau has accused the agents of the Indian government for that murder, while on the other hand, the Modi government has also given a strong reaction and shown the mirror of truth to Canada. Now Pakistan has also entered this dispute. The acting Prime Minister there, Anwar ul Haq, has linked Nijjar’s murder to Hindutva.

Pakistan’s absurd statement

PM Anwar ul Haq said that there is a disgusting truth behind this Hindutva politics. This truth itself is throwing the world into the fire of war. The murder of Nijjar in Canada is also the result of this expansionist thinking of Hindutva. The entire international community should be concerned about this. Supporters of Hindutva have now expanded across the border also.


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Now this is not the first time that Pakistan has interfered in India’s affairs. Wherever there is a dispute with any other country with India, Pakistan does not miss an opportunity to target its neighboring country. However, at present the relations between India and Canada are becoming more strained with each passing day. The situation has worsened because Justin Trudeau still stands by his controversial statement.

Trudeau sticks to his stand

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Trudeau had said that we have information from reliable sources that an agent of the Indian government is involved in the murder of a Canadian citizen. In a country where rule of law prevails, such matters become serious. We have an independent justice system that will take action, I appeal to the Government of India to come together and let the truth come out.

While justifying his allegations, Trudeau also emphasized that he was just trying to show how serious a matter it becomes when another country kills someone on your soil.


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