Pakistani girl Seema Haider is arrested

Seema Haider will soon be on the big screen. The Jani Firefox Production House team met Seema and Sachin. Meanwhile, the team welcomed Seema wearing a saffron shawl. Seema says she will work in the film after receiving a certificate of good conduct from the ATS.
The Jani Firefox Production House team arrived in Greater Noida and met Seema Haider. The team also auditioned Seema. Adopting the Sanatan Dharma, the team also welcomed Seema by covering her with a saffron shawl. The team learned that Seema will play the role of a RAW agent in the film “A Tailor Murder Story” produced under the JANI FIREFOX Production House banner. Meanwhile, Seema received blessings by touching the feet of the team members. Seema looked very happy.

Seema Haider, who looks forward to working in the film, says she wants to work in the film. They are just waiting for a favorable opinion from UP ATS. Director Amit Jani had also offered to work in his film and had talked about going to Seema’s house and giving her a check in advance. But the limit of this offer – Sachin’s family had declared that they would do nothing until the investigation against them was over.

In fact, members of the Jani Firefox team met Seema Haider on Wednesday. Director Jayant Sinha and Bharat Singh of ‘A TAILOR MURDER STORY’ met Seema Haider . The team welcomed Seema Haider, who has adopted Sanatan Dharma, with a saffron shawl. Seema Haider was also auditioned. Seema Haider met them all for a long time.


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