Pakistani man painted the hen green and then sold it as a parrot, will not be able to stop laughing after reading the whole news

It is claimed that the Pakistani man painted the hen green and told it to be a parrot and sold it on OLX at a price of 6500.

The people of our neighboring country Pakistan are also no less in the matter of Jugaad. The people of Pakistan, who are going through difficult times, are worried about food and drink. Instability is also being seen in Pakistan due to political upheaval. Meanwhile, your mind may also get bogged down listening to the exploits of a Pakistani person.

sold a chicken as a parrot

An Instagram user has claimed that a Pakistani man painted a chicken green and then sold it online as a parrot. Although how much truth is there in this news, it has not been confirmed, but after reading this claim, users are giving funny reactions.

online sale

A green colored hen is visible in the picture. It is claimed that a Pakistani person has put a price of 6500 to sell it on OLX by calling it a parrot. Along with this he told that cheap price, parrot in the cell. When a person bought it, he came to know the truth. Now there is a lot of discussion about this news.

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User Feedback

One user wrote that the buyer had gone intoxicated? Another user wrote that when it would have called in the morning, it would have been scared that what happened to our parrot? One user wrote that now there is no use in blaming him, when you yourself do not know whether it is a chicken or a parrot. Gulshir Khan wrote that he seems to have seen too many movies from Netflix.

The condition of Pakistan is bad, many videos of fights over food items have gone viral, one such horrifying video had come to the fore, seeing which everyone was shocked at the pathetic condition of Pakistan!

A user named Sheikh wrote that only Pakistanis can do the work that no one else in the world can do. A user named Wasim wrote that we Pakistanis have no answer for lime. Sharjeel wrote that this is called business. Another user wrote that this is Pakistan, nothing is impossible here.


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