People protested against wearing less clothes in the temple, Kangana Ranaut also got angry on the viral picture

On the viral picture of the girl at Baijnath temple, Kangana Ranaut said, “This is western wear, created and promoted by white people.

The Baijnath temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is in discussions regarding the dress. A scantily clad girl had reached the temple for darshan, whose picture went viral on social media. People’s reactions are coming on this picture. Some people demanded to make a dress code for darshan in the temple, while some people have said that those who reach wearing less clothes will not be allowed to enter the temple. Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also given her reaction on this.

What did Kangana Ranaut say?

On the viral picture of the girl, Kangana Ranaut said, “This is western wear, created and promoted by white people. Once during a Vatican visit, I wore shorts and a T-shirt and was not allowed to enter the Vatican premises.

Kangana also flared up

Kangana said, “I had to go back to my hotel to change clothes, people who reach in night dresses and casuals are really lazy in nature. I don’t think such people have any other intention, but there should be strict rules for such foolish people to enter religious places.

On Twitter, user @NikhileshUniyal shared a photo of a girl visiting the Baijnath temple and wrote, “This is a scene from the famous Shiva temple of Baijnath in Himachal. Have reached Baijnath temple as if you have gone to a pub or nightclub. Such people should not be allowed to enter the temple. I strongly oppose it. Seeing all this, if my thinking is called small or poor, then it is also acceptable!


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A large number of people have given their reactions on this tweet. A user named Anil Singh wrote, “Where do these people come from and where do they go suddenly. At least let the religious place be preserved, sisters. A user named Kalpana wrote- “We also have to wear western clothes many times but while going to the temple, we wear simple and Indian clothes only.”


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Another user wrote that is there any dress code to go to the temple? If it is not there then it should be made and when there is no dress code then you should not blame anyone like this. One user wrote that one should be ashamed to reach the temple wearing such clothes. If you don’t want to wear suit-salwar, wear jeans but don’t flaunt.


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