PM Modi’s popularity is increasing, approval rating was 65 percent in September

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity remains intact. According to Ipsos IndiaBus Poll, 65 percent people among urban Indians are liking the work of PM Modi. According to the survey, PM Modi’s approval rating is 65 percent, 18 percent disapproval, 7 percent neutral and 9% people have not made up their mind yet.

PM Modi’s approval rating in metros is 58%

Region wise analysis of the survey revealed that PM Modi’s approval rating is 80% in Western India, 73% in Eastern India and 72% in North India. Whereas in Southern India it is the lowest at 31 percent.

PM Modi got support from women

Prime Minister Modi’s approval rating is 58% in metros while it is 76% in Tier 1 cities, 64% in Tier 2 and 62% in Tier 3. Interestingly, in the socio-economic classification, PM Modi’s approval rating is 69% in A category, 64% in B category and 63% in C category.


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Whereas most women supported PM Modi. 65 percent of women supported the Prime Minister’s handling of the job, while his approval rating among men was 64 percent. According to the survey, PM Modi’s approval rating remained stable across all age groups. It was 66 percent among people between 18-30 years, 64 percent between 31-45 years and 64 percent among people above 45 years of age.

Let us tell you that PM Modi’s popularity has always remained the same in terms of approval rating. While 75 per cent of the unemployed accepted Modi as Prime Minister, his approval rating among students stood at 69 per cent, among employed people at 67 per cent and among parents or housewives at 63 per cent. However, according to the survey, only 47 percent of self-employed people approved of Modi’s performance as Prime Minister.

Interestingly, people with higher education gave the Prime Minister an approval rating of 70 percent. Whereas 61 percent people with less education approved Modi as Prime Minister.


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