Potatoes turned from white to red in an instant, giving people poison at a high price, trading in the toxic color Viral

You must have eaten a lot of potatoes. Potatoes are considered a good source of carbohydrates. If eaten correctly, potatoes have many health benefits. You’ll find many different types of potato on the market. White and red potatoes are common in India. Red potatoes are slightly more expensive than white ones. However, their taste is very different from that of white potatoes. That’s why people prefer to eat them.

One such video went viral on social media, revealing a vast fraud in the vegetable market. The potato you buy at a high price thinking it’s red may also be part of this fraud. White potatoes are colored red. They are then sold at a high price as red potatoes. Many people weren’t even aware of this. Someone made a video of it and posted it on social media.
bright red
The video was shot at a potato market. It shows a truck loading white potatoes. A man spreads white potatoes on the truck after taking them out of canvas bags. Another person was spraying them with red. There was no visible difference between these potatoes and the red ones. Anyone could easily buy them, mistaking them for red potatoes.

The fraud has gone viral

This potato fraud has gone viral. The video has been viewed millions of times. People are surprised that such a fraud could even be carried out on potatoes. Many vegetables are spray-colored to make them look fresh. But for the first time, people have seen white potatoes turn red. This colored potato has a very harmful effect on people’s health. The chemical present in the color is harmful to health. In such a situation, you should be cautious before buying red potatoes.


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