Priyanka Chopra said that she used to fall in love with every co-actor, took this decision before marrying Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra recently mentioned in an interview how she used to fall in love with every co-actor.

Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas says she put an end to her love affair before meeting husband Nick Jonas. Because she wanted to know its method and the mistakes made by her during this time. On the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast with host Alex Cooper, 40-year-old actress Priyanka Chopra opened up about her love affairs and how she was in a series of relationships after one another.

The actress said, ‘I hardly gave myself time between two love affairs… I think I worked a lot and was always in love with the actor I was working with. I guess, I thought I knew how love relationships should be, I had my own blueprint and I kept trying to achieve that. I kept trying to mold the people who came in my life in that ideal framework of my love affair.


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The ‘Citadel’ actress said, looking back, some relationships ended really badly and in bad directions, but the people they fell in love with were really nice people. Priyanka said, ‘After breaking up with my ex and before marriage, I was not in a relationship for two years and there was a big reason behind it. At that time I was not even loving Nick because I felt that I needed to know why I was repeating my mistakes.


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The actress said, ‘Repeating mistakes means that… I used to think that I am going to take care of them (boyfriends), always felt like leaving my work, my job, my meetings or my priority to take care of them. It is okay to change. Priyanka said that she realized that it was not good for her to start another as soon as one relationship ended.


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The actress said, ‘Once in my life I had reached such a situation that what are you doing? Now you are ruining yourself, at that time I had to choose myself, at that time I thought that no one had done me any favor, I only owe my family and myself….’ He said, “When you’re in a relationship where you stop recognizing who you are, or you forget what you want from yourself, what your goal is, then you become a shadow.” . And in my love affairs, I was just a shadow.’ Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in December 2018 and their daughter was born in January 2022.


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