Rahul Gandhi worships from the beginning – a debate broke out on Twitter on this statement of the Congress leader

Amarjit Bhagat, a minister in Chhattisgarh government, has said that Pandit Rahul Gandhi belongs to that family, which has faith in God since the beginning.

During the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi is going to visit temples. Talking about saying ‘Jai Siya Ram’ instead of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and strongly attacking BJP-RSS. BJP leaders are also retaliating by calling him an ‘electoral Hindu’. Meanwhile, a debate broke out on social media when a minister in the Chhattisgarh government and a Congress leader addressed Rahul Gandhi as a ‘Pandit’.

Chhattisgarh government minister called Rahul Gandhi a ‘Pandit’

Amarjeet Bhagat, minister in Chhattisgarh government, said that Pandit Rahul Gandhi has been a believer in God and worship since the beginning, his family also believes in it. Now wherever they are going, they are also going to temples, monasteries and pagodas. This video of Amarjeet Bhagat is going viral on social media and people are commenting on it.

User feedback

@SunilPrasad789 User wrote that those who used to deny the existence of Ram are giving certificate of being the biggest Hindu today. This is the wonder of Modi ji. @SharmaS39842560 User wrote that there is only one person who believes and worships God in the whole country and that is the Prime Minister! According to some people, no one believes in God except them. User @ekaurkash wrote that the video of Satyanarayan-Puja or Rudrabhishek will start coming throughout the year, just once permission is granted. Those who don’t conduct this election.


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@Atheist_Krishna user wrote that Pandit Rahul Gandhi once said that “those who go to the temple tease girls.” @Sky_the_Akash user wrote that unless you show off then why Hindu!! If you go to the temple, give it to the people of photo media and social media, then you will be able to become a real Hindu. @vivektyagi01 User wrote that why didn’t Brahmin Rahul ji demand action from Modi government on ‘Brahmin Quit India’ slogans in JNU?


Bharat Jodo Yatra: Rahul Gandhi said – RSS people do not respect Sita, Keshav Maurya and Giriraj said – Those who call Ram imaginary give us knowledge

Tell that when Amarjeet Bhagat was asked the question on Rahul Gandhi being called a Pandit, what does “Pandit Rahul Gandhi” mean? On this, he said that I have said what I have to say, now whatever meaning people get out of it, go to the bottom of it and find out. Rahul Gandhi is currently on Bharat Jodo Yatra. This journey is currently in Rajasthan.


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