Rajasthan Election: ‘Now it was a Gandhian struggle, if the demands are not accepted…’ Pilot’s direct ultimatum to Ashok Gehlot

Difficulties are increasing for the Congress in Rajasthan. The aggressive attitude of Sachin Pilot has now become a cause of concern for the party.

Elections are round the corner in Rajasthan, BJP is busy campaigning, Congress is also in action mode. But in the midst of all this, Sachin Pilot is seen on the ground in a different way. They have been taking out their Jan Sangharsh Yatra in the state for many days. That journey ended on Monday, but Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been given a big ultimatum on behalf of the pilot.

Addressing the last rally of the Jan Sangharsh Yatra, Sachin Pilot has bluntly said that if his demands are not accepted by the end of the month, if action is not taken on corruption, if the youth do not get employment, justice is not done, then he will In such a situation, there will be agitation in the entire state. Pilot insisted that he himself would go on foot among the public, raise their issues. While talking to the public, Sachin Pilot said that I had just shoes, had put them on my feet and left, who knew that I would get the support of so many people. My opponents can never question my way of working, whether I hold any position or not, my aim is to serve the people of Rajasthan. I am not going to be afraid of anyone anymore.

Even on the issue of corruption, once again Phi Pilot has raised questions on his own government. He has said that how the papers get leaked. Many children come from village to city, take expensive coaching, parents deposit fees and at the last moment these papers get leaked. This entire system will have to be changed, if the future of the children is not secure then how will the country be. The people of Rajasthan understand everything right and wrong.


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