Rajasthan: Kovid protocol is flying in BJP’s ‘Jan Aakrosh Yatra’, Congress asked – is ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ visible?

Congress leader Pawan Kheda said that there is no crowd in BJP’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra, while a lot of crowd is coming in Bharat Jodo Yatra.

BJP Jan Akrosh Yatra: BJP is questioning Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ by citing Corona protocol. The health minister of the country himself has raised questions in this context. On one hand BJP is raising questions on this visit of Congress but on the other hand it is flouting Covid protocol in its own Jan Akrosh Yatra in Rajasthan.

Even after the appeal of Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Wednesday, both the leader and the support were seen without masks in the BJP’s Jan Aakrosh rally. In the photographs released by the BJP late on Wednesday, neither the leaders sitting on the dais were seen following the Corona protocol nor the supporters attending the rallies. BJP state president Satish Poonia himself was seen without a mask in the rally held in Banswara on Wednesday.

BJP is taking out Jan Aakrosh Yatra in Rajasthan. Under this journey, BJP is also organizing meetings at many places in Rajasthan.

Jan Aakrosh Mahasabha was organized by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) at the District Collectorate in Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. In which along with giving information about BJP’s public welfare schemes, it was told about the law and order flying in Rajasthan under the rule of Congress. During the BJP’s Jan Aakrosh Yatra, neither the leaders sitting on the dais are following the Corona protocol nor the supporters coming to the rallies.

Mansukh Mandaviya wrote a letter on Bharat Jodo Yatra

Earlier on Wednesday (December 21), Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya wrote a letter to Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot saying that the Bharat Jodo Yatra During Jodo Yatra) COVID guidelines should be strictly followed and mask-sanitizer should be used. It was said in the letter that only people with vaccinations should join the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

Congress alleges Bharat Jodo Yatra is being targeted

The Congress has hit back at Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya’s instruction for not following the Covid protocol during the Bharat Jodo Yatra. The Congress said that why the health minister of the Modi government is seeing only the Bharat Jodo Yatra? BJP itself is taking out yatras in Rajasthan and Karnataka.


Follow Covid-19 Protocol in Bharat Jodo Yatra, Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya’s advice to Rahul Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot, Congress said conspiracy

The party asked whether the Union Health Minister has given the same advice to the organizers of these yatras by writing a letter, which he is giving to the Congress leaders? The Congress accused the government of deliberately targeting the Bharat Jodo Yatra in the name of the Covid Protocol.

In response to the letter written by Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya to Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader Pawan Kheda put a barrage of questions on BJP. Khera said that the Congress party wants to know whether a similar letter has also been sent to BJP state president of Rajasthan, Satish Poonia, who is taking out Jan Aakrosh Yatra?

Rules should be for everyone – said Pawan Khera

Pawan Kheda said whether such letter was sent to Karnataka BJP which is taking out another yatra? He further said that then the Government of India is seeing only Rahul Gandhi, Congress is visible, Bharat Jodo Yatra is visible, and no other Yatra is visible, where the crowd is gathering? The Congress leader said that we will follow the rules provided that the rules should be announced and the rules should be for everyone, not just for Rahul Gandhi, Congress or Bharat Jodo Yatra.


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