Rajnath Singh: In 25 years, India will become the world’s biggest economic ‘superpower’ – said Rajnath Singh, so social media users made such comments

Addressing a program, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that India will become an economic superpower in the next 25 years!

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh along with Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami attended the fifth convocation of Swami Ram Himalayan University. In this program, Rajnath Singh honored the meritorious students and said that the convocation ceremony is not the end of education. The process of learning goes on continuously. Success and failure go hand in hand in life. Instead of being afraid of failures, it is necessary to learn from them. Along with this, he said that in the next 25 years, India will become the biggest economic ‘superpower’ of the world.

What did Rajnath Singh say?

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that India will become the world’s largest economic superpower in the next 25 years and will become a superpower with which all the countries of the world will feel safe. We want to reach such a number that the countries of the world do not fear but feel safe. India is the only country which has asked the whole world to be its family.

User Feedback

Many people are giving their reactions on this statement of Rajnath Singh on social media. One user wrote that Defense Minister is speaking on economy and FM will give speech on army and border? @kuldeep0401 User wrote that will meet you too after 25 years, let’s give chance to other people. @Sunilsh32640883 The user wrote that for the last 8 years he was taken on a tour of the past and now he is taking a tour of the future. Nobody talks about the present at all.

@rishi21505 User wrote that how can a country whose 80 crore people depend on 5 kg food grains given by the government become the world’s biggest “economic superpower” Rajnath Singh ji? @Mr_PeeKey user wrote that that’s why keep making him Defense Minister for the coming twenty five years, thank you. @Bablu87669932 The user wrote that black money was going to come in 100 days, it has been 8 years, move the date back a bit.


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Let us inform that while addressing the program, Rajnath Singh (Rajnath Singh Viral Video) further said that the youth should also learn from this time’s FIFA World Cup. Everyone should learn team spirit from the sports world. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is also working for the country with the same team spirit. He said that today India is making its mark on the global map in the field of digital technology. In 2014 where there used to be 400 to 500 start ups in India, today in 2022 there are more than eighty thousand start ups because of our talented youth. This is not a simple achievement.


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