Rakhi Sawant: Jailed Adil Durrani conspired to kill Rakhi Sawant! The actress narrated the shocking audio

Rakhi Sawant News: Rakhi Sawant has claimed that jailed Adil Durrani is plotting to kill her. For this he has made a deal with someone.

Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant is always in the headlines, but for the past few months, she has been making headlines for her marriage. After keeping her mystery man Ritesh hidden from the world for three years, she revealed his face in Bigg Boss. However, after this the marriage did not last long and both got separated. Then there was the entry of a person named Adil Durrani and Rakhi changed her religion and married him. Within a few months, Rakhi and her relationship also started showing cracks and the actress made many serious allegations against her husband Adil. Adil is currently lodged in jail and Rakhi Sawant has shared a shocking thing with her fans.

Adil is planning to kill Rakhi

Rakhi Sawant says that Adil Durrani is planning to kill her from inside the jail. Rakhi is currently running her academy in Dubai and from there she has informed the fans by sharing a video on social media. Rakhi said that she is reciting dua to avoid enemies. They learn that Adil is preparing to kill her and she is reciting a verse from the Quran.

Rakhi said, “I have just read this prayer. When Yunus was in the belly of the fish, he recited this prayer day and night for three days. And I have read this prayer. Adil… You cannot kill the one whose savior is Allah. I have come in faith. And you can’t kill me. Allah is my savior. greater than the killer. I have read the prayer. May my prayer be accepted. You want to kill me. Why? For property? For revenge?”


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According to media reports, Rakhi also narrated an audio to the fans which is of a phone call. In this, Rakhi’s well-wisher told her about Adil’s plan.


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The man said that he wants to tell Rakhi that there are some people in jail with Adil, with whom he has made a deal to kill Rakhi. He has been planning to kill Rakhi for some time. The person also said that Adil is holding Rakhi responsible in front of everyone and wants to buy off the police.


Q1- Rakhi Sawant’s husband’s name?

Rakhi Sawant’s husband’s name is Adil Durrani, whom Rakhi married by changing her religion. Earlier, Rakhi Sawant had married a man named Ritesh.

Q2- Age of Rakhi Sawant?

Rakhi Sawant is 44 years old.


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