Ram Charan said, ‘My wife is pregnant and this magic happened in Japan’

Ram Charan was one of the guests at the G20 summit in Kashmir, and the actor talked about his film RRR and the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the film. During this, Ram Charan has made an interesting disclosure about his wife’s pregnancy.

Telugu star Ram Charan arrives in Kashmir for the G20 Tourism Working Group meeting. The ‘RRR’ actor is among the many celebs who will represent Indian cinema at the event. In an interaction at the event, the actor talked about his film RRR and the song ‘Naatu Naatu’ from the film. Ram Charan also revealed how going to Japan to promote RRR became a life event.

Ram Charan has a habit of collecting artefacts from those countries, and when asked about this interest, he said, “I don’t know where it comes from, but it is something that is meaningful.” Ramcharan said that it takes me to that city and reminds me of that place. Europe has always been my favorite destination. Now, Japan has become my new favorite country… and the culture and people there have become special. It’s a special country, I’ll tell you why.”


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He revealed, “My wife… who is pregnant now. It is in its seventh month. The magic happened in Japan (laughs).” Ram and Upasana along with other team members of RRR were visiting Japan where the film was well received. The couple also took some time out to see the country.

RRR became a huge success in Japan collecting $150 million in about 200 days. Even before the Oscars, the Japanese liked the film and the song Natu Natu and the song became a super hit there too.


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When asked what is the secret of the popularity of Naatu Naatu song which won both Golden Globe and Oscar, Ram Charan said, “I really don’t know what it takes to make a song like this and win awards like this. We shot it for about seventeen days… my knees still shake when I talk about the song. I don’t know When you do it, you do it with passion. I swear to God, none of the team members knew it was going to reach (the international level). But then we heard that people are dancing to the song in Chinese theaters in America. Then we started getting calls from the best studios in other industries. Then we could not stop.


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Ram Charan also said that he was at the right place at the right time with RRR. “I wish we knew the world would embrace us, the budget would have been better. My fees would have been better.”


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