Ram Rahim got parole again, people started trolling him by mentioning Manipur incident

Ram Rahim has been granted parole in the midst of an uproar over the viral video of vandalism with women in Manipur.

A video of vandalism with two women has surfaced in Manipur, after this video came to the fore, fierce politics is taking place. Questions are being raised on the government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said “I urge all the Chief Ministers to further strengthen the law and order situation in their states. Take the harshest steps especially to protect our mothers and sisters. Meanwhile, news came that the news of Ram Rahim, who was convicted of rape, getting parole again has come to the fore.

Ram Rahim will come again after 30 days

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Ram Rahim has again got parole for 30 days. Ram Rahim is lodged in Rohtak’s Sunaria Jail. After leaving the jail, Ram Rahim is not allowed to go to Sirsa Dera, he will stay in Barnawa Ashram located in Baghpat, UP. Ram Rahim has got the seventh parole after being convicted. Ram Rahim got parole for 40 days in January this year.

People are raising questions regarding the incident in Manipur

Ram Rahim has been granted parole in the midst of an uproar over the viral video of vandalism with women in Manipur. People are raising questions on this on social media. People say that on one hand the government talks about the safety of women and on the other hand it is repeatedly giving parole to such prisoners who are serving sentences in cases like rape.

Reactions from social media users

Twitter user @MichwalG wrote, ‘Anything is possible in Amrit Kaal. It is possible that in future, Baba may be acquitted with honor or he may be released after saying that he has behaved well.’ Another wrote, ‘This proves that Manipur incident is nothing for BJP.’ Bhanu Pratap wrote, ‘Early in the morning the PM said that all states should take strict steps for the safety of women and Ram Rahim got parole?’


Delhi Women’s Commission Chief Swati Maliwal tweeted, “Government will give parole to rapist murderers like Ram Rahim 7 times in 2.5 years, police will not oppose Brijbhushan’s bail in the court. If there is silence on the exploitation of women in Manipur, will the daughter survive like this?


CM of Manipur said on viral video – there are hundreds of such cases, the statement came in controversies

Puneet Singh wrote that women are being tortured, in Manipur women are being paraded naked on the streets. Rape accused Ram Rahim is serving his sentence in jail or is enjoying. Every time it is put out on parole for 1 month. Will daughter be saved like this Modi ji?


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