Ratan Tata gave advice to those driving in rain, tweet going viral

Ratan Tata tweeted this on July 4, after which it has been seen by more than 2 million people.

You must have heard industrialist Ratan Tata often raising his voice for animals. The former Tata Sons chairman is not only a dog lover but has always been vocal about animal rights. Meanwhile, Ratan Tata has made an appeal to the people by tweeting. He has advised to do a little work before driving during rains.

Ratan Tata appealed to the people by tweeting

Ratan Tata has tweeted saying, ‘Now that the monsoon has arrived, a lot of cats and dogs take shelter under our cars. To save such animals, we should check below that there is no animal before starting our car and increasing the speed.

‘Take care of animals, they may die’

“If we don’t do this, the animals taking shelter under the vehicle can get seriously injured, handicapped and even killed,” he said. It would be very painful. Let us all provide them temporary shelter when it rains in this season.


Tweet went viral on social media

Ratan Tata tweeted this on July 4, after which it has been seen by more than 2 million people. While more than 50 thousand people have liked this post. A large number of people have also given their reactions on this tweet of Ratan Tata.


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@spsingh1956 Twitter user wrote, ‘Only big hearted people can think like this and worry about helpless and helpless people. I will convey this advice of yours to as many people as possible. Another wrote, ‘No sir, these stray cats and dogs are smarter than humans. As we approach the car, they get up and run away. During monsoon, we need to take care of homeless street dwellers more than stray cats and dogs.


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@shaktiratnoo Twitter user wrote, ‘You tweeted for the dumb, this is your bigotry. Being such a big man, people don’t care about these dumb people, let alone humans.’ Another wrote, ‘I hope we see the same sensitivity towards the human beings being killed in Manipur. I know you want to be diplomatic on such issues but if only people in your social position turn away from raising voice then what can be said about common people.


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