RJD compares the new Parliament House with the coffin, BJP leader said – case of treason should be registered

New Parliament Building: BJP leader said that a case of treason should be registered against RJD.

New Parliament Building: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament House on Sunday. All the opposition parties including the Congress have raised questions regarding this. Many leaders of the opposition parties said that there was no need for a new Parliament building now, when the economic condition of the country is not good. Meanwhile, a controversial statement has been issued by RJD. RJD has compared the new parliament to a ‘coffin’.

RJD’s official Twitter handle tweeted the photo of the new Parliament House and the coffin together and wrote in the caption, ‘Yeh kya hai. JDU Neeraj Kumar said that the stigma of the country is being written.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called it unfortunate. He said that BJP is trying to change the history of the country. Nitish had said that we do not like that he is building a new parliament building. He had said that the new Parliament House should not have been built. The old parliament itself should have been developed. There is no point in making them separately.


BJP leader Sushil Modi retaliated on RJD’s tweet. Sushil Modi said that even though people of all parties have boycotted the building today, but tomorrow the proceedings of the House are going to continue there. Has the Rashtriya Janata Dal decided that they will permanently boycott the new Parliament House? Will he resign from the membership of the Lok Sabha? Nothing is more humiliating than showing a picture of a coffin. Sushil Modi asked, ‘ Will RJD boycott the country’s parliament. The BJP leader said that there should be a sedition case against RJD. He said that the statement of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is also irresponsible.

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia attacked RJD’s tweet. Bhatia wrote in tweeting, ‘Today is a historic moment and the country is proud. You are Nazarbattu and nothing else. Keep beating your chest. The BJP leader said that in 2024, the people of the country will bury you in this coffin and will not even give you a chance to enter the temple of new democracy. Let it also be decided that the coffin of the country is yours.


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