RJD leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui said – India is no longer worth living, BJP’s taunt – go to Pakistan with family, people also targeted

Abdul Bari Siddiqui: Social media users are also seen commenting on the statement of RJD leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui.

A statement made by former Bihar minister and RJD leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui regarding Muslims is going viral on social media. He said that it is unsafe for the Muslims of the country. BJP leader Nikhil Anand has taken a dig at RJD leader’s statement. At the same time, common social media users have also targeted RJD leader Abdul Bari’s statement.

RJD leader Abdul Bari Siddiqui gave such a statement

Senior RJD leader and former minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui said during an event, “I have a son who studies at Harvard University and a daughter who is a pass out of London School of Economics. In the country’s environment, we told our sons and daughters to get jobs there. If you get citizenship, then take it. Now there is no atmosphere left in India. Don’t know if you guys will be able to bear it or not. With this, he said that it is very painful to ask my children to leave the country, but such a time has come in the country that I had to say this to my children.

BJP leader taunted like this

BJP leader Dr. Nikhil Anand took a jibe at Abdul Bari Siddiqui’s statement and said, “These people have still not been able to come out of the Madrasa culture. It is well known that such people run anti-national and religious agenda under the guise of secularism and liberalism. Along with this, he said that Siddiqui, who enjoys the privilege of being a citizen and a member of the House, who has the feeling of motherland, heaven and poverty, should go to Pakistan along with his family.


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People taunted RJD leader

A user named @sudhanshu_jee commented that in the 90s many parents of Bihar also used to call their children the same Siddiqui sahab. The sons of farmers became labourers. You people have been the pioneers of migration leaving the village to the city, leaving the city to other states. That was a real situation, not an imaginary one like your statement. A Twitter handle @Akki_Aslam_ wrote, “Yeh frustration neta jo dharte. The common Muslim of India can struggle with the circumstances, because he had given sacrifices for the freedom of this country for the sake of India, and will continue to do so in the future as well. But will live in harmony with all religions. No matter how many conspiracies someone may make, he will not let anyone succeed.


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A user named @Sainianu22 wrote that you should also stay abroad with your sons and daughters. Why are you asking for votes with folded hands here? It was written from a Twitter handle named @IMSyedNadim, “Such an environment could not be created, it was only you “Leader of Muslims”. We have been voting for you with the belief that our tomorrow will be better. Now giving foreign citizenship to your children?


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