Russia-Ukraine war threatens the existence of migratory birds

This time the biggest threat to the migratory birds coming in winter every year is the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, this year the migratory birds have arrived late by about one and a half months. Every year these migratory birds used to come from Siberia and European countries in the first week of October but this time these migratory birds came to Uttarakhand in the last week of November. Not only this, this time the number of these birds is also seeing a lot of difference as compared to last year.

Ornithologists believe that the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has threatened the existence of these migratory birds. Due to the shelling between Russia and Ukraine during this period, many forests were burnt and due to airstrikes in the cities, many cities were mutilated, due to which many migratory birds were killed in this attack. At the same time, the name of many birds has disappeared and now questions are being raised on the existence of migratory birds.

The war has increased the greatest threat to migratory birds, which come to Uttarakhand for winter migration from Siberia and cold European countries and go back to their countries after the winters subside in Uttarakhand. Due to the war, they are facing a lot of difficulties in coming to Uttarakhand and returning back to their country, due to which many migratory birds are dying midway. According to ornithologists, migratory birds come to the Indian subcontinent via Central Asia and go back via many countries including Europe. Due to the war, they have to face bombings and bombardment by fighter planes and missiles which has become the biggest obstacle in their way to Uttarakhand and back home and their journey has become very risky.

International ornithologist Dr. Dinesh Bhatt, Professor, Department of Zoology and Environmental Sciences, Gurukul Kangri University, says that the Russia-Ukraine war has made the life of migratory birds difficult and along with the loss of life in this war, Siberian and European birds have also lost their lives. Had to lose. The lives of many birds are endangered that is why the war is proving most harmful for the migratory birds as well. He told that every year in Uttarakhand in winter, migratory birds used to travel miles long and come in the first week of October, but due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, this time migratory birds have been seen on the banks of rivers in Uttarakhand in the last week of November. And this year their number is also very less.

This time, their number has been estimated between 15 to 50 in the Asan Dam area of ​​Dehradun, Haridwar’s Ganges coast, whereas in the last several years, the number of these birds used to be seen 10 times more. Among the migratory birds, Margganjar, Surkhab, Palkova, Greylag Goose Many species of migratory birds visit, including common shelduck, ruddy shelduck, mallard, northern pintail, northern shoveler, gargany, common pochard and red-crested pochard. But now the number of these birds is continuously decreasing.

In countries like Russia, Ukraine, Siberia and Malaysia, snow starts falling from November to February. During this period, the birds living here face the problem of breeding and eating. These birds come to India, for which Uttarakhand is the most suitable place. Somehow this year some migratory birds have reached India after saving their lives from the Russia-Ukraine war. These days the atmosphere of Russia and Ukraine has become extremely poisonous due to bomb blasts. The way the atmosphere there has become toxic, it is proving dangerous for humans as well as birds.

Ornithologists believe that the decline has been recorded in the number of birds coming from Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, the number of migratory birds coming from China and its surroundings has increased as compared to earlier. Along with this, the increase in the temperature of the atmosphere is also posing a threat to the migratory birds.


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