Scotland: Legal recognition of gender change in Scotland, sex change can be done even in 16 years

Scotland: As soon as the Gender Identity Reform Bill was passed, slogans of shame were raised from the protesters sitting in the audience gallery in the Parliament of Scotland.

Scottish : The Gender Identity Reform Bill has been passed in the Parliament of Scotland amid heated debate and in-fighting between the parties. This bill has given legal recognition to those people who wanted to undergo sex change. After these new rules, the age for applying for Gender Identity Certificate has been reduced to 16 years. But the Westminster government says it has concerns about the law and could still block it from coming into force.

Bill passed amid slogans of support and protest

As soon as the result was announced in the Parliament of Scotland, there were shouts of ‘shame’ from the protesters in the public gallery. At the same time, slogans of support were also heard from the supporters of the Bill standing up loudly in the House.

The UK government says it is concerned about the legislation and may try to stop it becoming law by withholding Royal assent. When a bill is passed by the Parliament of Scotland, the bill receives formal assent from the King and becomes an Act of the Scottish Parliament.


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Victory of long struggle, wait is over

Those present in support of the bill said that this step was long awaited to make our lives easier. This will allow us to live with the dignity and recognition that we all deserve.


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Scottish trans manager Vic Valentine said the change in law would mean trans men and women would be able to show birth certificates that reflect who they are. We can live with our identity. But many people have expressed concern after the passage of this bill, saying that it will be a decision to promote inequality.


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