SDM Jyoti Maurya case: Hearing will be held in a while, Alok Maurya made special preparations against the officer’s wife

SDM Jyoti Maurya Case: Husband Alok Maurya against SDM Jyoti Maurya has taken a week’s leave for strong lobbying against his wife. Jyoti Maurya is likely to be present in the court.

UP’s well-known PCS officer Jyoti Maurya had filed for divorce against her husband Alok Maurya in the family court of Prayagraj. A week ago a hearing was held on this issue but Jyoti Maurya did not reach the court. Today again there is a hearing in the court. Jyoti Maurya is likely to be present in the court during the hearing. Her husband Alok Maurya can file his reply in the court. Now the news is coming that the sweeper Alok has taken a week’s leave for strong lobbying against his officer’s wife in the court. According to Alok, he has gone on a week’s leave from Monday. Meanwhile, he will brainstorm about litigation and dispute resolution.

Jyoti Maurya has filed a dowry harassment case against her in-laws. On the other hand, Alok Maurya has accused Jyoti Maurya and Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey in Uttar Pradesh of conspiring to kill. Police is probing both the cases. Alok said that he has to appear in the court on July 18, so he has taken leave from his work and he accused Manish Dubey and Jyoti Maurya and said that Jyoti and Manish together threatened to kill him, so he was forced He is forced to take a room away from his family.

What is the whole matter?

Alok Maurya, a Group D employee, despite poverty and lack of money, taught his wife Jyoti Maurya and helped her become a PCS officer in the Uttar Pradesh government. Shortly after becoming an officer, Jyoti Maurya’s attitude towards her husband and his family changed. When Alok Maurya had a little doubt, he started investigating, then he got information about many things. Alok Maurya, with the help of social media, talked about his wife and PCS officer Jyoti Maurya having an affair with Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey.


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In relation to this, Alok shared the WhatsApp chat between Jyoti Maurya and Manish Dubey and while sharing the call recording, Alok said that his wife along with her lover is conspiring to kill him. Since then this news started spreading like fire on social media. When the news started catching up, the Uttar Pradesh government suspended Home Guard Commandant Manish Dubey. At the same time, Jyoti Maurya has also come forward and accused her husband of harassing her for not getting dowry.


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