Seema Haider: Seema Haider has connection with Pakistani Army? Husband Ghulam Haider made a sensational disclosure

Seema Haider: Ghulam disclosed that both Seema’s brother Asif and uncle are in the Pak Army. His brother Asif is posted in Karachi.

Seema Haider: Seema Haider, who came to India from Pakistan to get love and then lover while playing PUBG, is now on the radar of security agencies. On Monday, UP ATS interrogated Seema Haider, her lover Sachin Meena and Sachin’s father Netrapal. Seema Haider was also questioned on Tuesday. The investigating agencies suspect that Seema Haider has not come to spy for Pakistan. However, in the midst of all this, Seema has denied all these things. Meanwhile, Seema Haider’s husband Ghulam Haider has made a big disclosure while talking to ‘Aaj Tak’ news channel.

Ghulam Haider told that Seema had eloped with me and married against the wishes of her family members. Seema had told her family members that Ghulam would keep me happy. Ghulam further made a sensational disclosure that Seema’s brother Asif and uncle are both in the Pak Army. His brother Asif is posted in Karachi while his uncle is in a good position in Islamabad. I talk to his brother Asif.

Earlier in an interview given to a Pakistani YouTuber, Ghulam Haider had said that I still love Seema the same. I just want him to come back. This is his appeal to his wife Seema Haider. He said that he still loves Seema the same. Ghulam said he was worried about his children and wanted Seema to return to him.


Chanda Khan had come to India without visa before Seema Haider, had told Shahrukh and Salman the reason

Ghulam said in his interview, ‘You know very well how much I love you. If something happens to you there, just think what will happen to our children. Who will take the responsibility? So for his sake, please come back. He further said that I still love you the same and will continue to do so. I miss the kids and you so much. No one will tell you anything. I will keep you with me and we will start a new life again.’

Ghulam Haider while talking to a Pakistani journalist named Mohsin appealed for the return of the border. He said that if she felt unsafe in Pakistan, he would take her and the children with him to Saudi Arabia and settle there. Seema Haider’s husband Gulma lives in Saudi.


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