Separated during the partition of the country, they met in Kartarpur after 75 years, two world-famous brothers now separated by death, full story

The brothers, who were separated in 1947 during the Partition of India, were reunited on January 10 last year at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, Pakistan.

The family was preparing for a wedding in June when Sadiq Khan made a video call to his younger brother Sikka Khan. The 85-year-old man had called up Amritsar in Indian Punjab from Faisalabad in Pakistan’s Punjab to discuss some details with Sikka Khan.

Sikka Khan, 78, trying to hold back tears, says, “We were on a video call. He looked fit and fine. I asked him to come to India. He asked me to wait for summer to pass. I didn’t know this would be our last call.”

Sikka Khan is still unable to recover from the death of Sadiq Khan.

Sikka Khan is still not able to recover from the demise of Sadiq Khan. Sadiq Khan passed away on July 4 itself. The brothers, separated in 1947 during the Partition of India, were reunited on January 10 last year at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, Pakistan, and tearful pictures and videos of the two embracing each other appeared in publications globally. and were being broadcast.

The plight of families separated when Pakistan was separated from India in 1947

The photograph later became a symbol of many such reunions of families from East and West Punjab, which were separated when India seceded from India in 1947 to become Pakistan. Then it was an invisible line drawn on a map that divided brothers and families. This time the reason for separating the brothers is death.


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Pakistani YouTuber uploaded a painful video in the year 2019

In the summer of 1947, 10-year-old Sadiq previously told a Pakistani YouTuber how he and his father left their maternal home in the village of Phulewal in Bathinda without their younger brother and mother and found themselves in two different countries . Sadiq’s father was killed in the riots and he was brought up by his uncle in Faisalabad’s Bogran village. Sadiq got married and had children and grandchildren.

Two years long wait due to covid pandemic and paperwork

On the other hand, a few years after partition, Sikka’s mother committed suicide and his sister died. He never married. YouTuber Nasir Dhillon uploaded Sadiq Khan’s video on social media in the year 2019. A day later they received a call from a man in Sikka Khan’s village, but it took two years for the two brothers to meet due to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic and after Sikka completed the paperwork to cross the border.

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Sikka Khan will go to Pakistan to attend brother’s last prayer

Sikka will now travel to Pakistan next week to attend his brother’s last prayer. He says, “Once again the border came between us. I could not attend his funeral.” Dhillon confirmed that Sikka had been granted a visa by the Pakistan High Commissioner. Dhillon said, “Two more people have been given visas along with Sikka.” He said that Sadiq’s death was sudden. Dhillon said, “He had returned from his farm. He felt uneasy, died on the way to the hospital.”

The series of meetings started again from Gurdwara Darbar Sahib

After their one-hour meeting at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, the two brothers met each other in Pakistan and India respectively. Sikka had gone to Pakistan in March last year and stayed with his brother for some time. Sadiq Khan also came to India in June to be with Sikka. Sikka wipes away tears and says, “I am grateful to God that He has allowed us to meet again in this life. I hope we will be brothers in the next life as well.”


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