Sharad Pawar said ‘regretted to hear Ajit’s words’ If there was a problem then he should have talked to me

Maharashtra Politics News: Sharad Pawar said that Hindutva of BJP is going to divide people.

Sharad Pawar addressed party workers for the first time on Wednesday after Ajit Pawar’s rebellion. He said that the whole country is watching us. Today’s meeting is historic for NCP. We have to keep moving forward despite the problems that come in the way. Attacking the BJP, he said that you call NCP a corrupt party, so why have you formed an alliance with NCP now?

He said that whatever happened with Uddhav Thackeray has been repeated again in Maharashtra. Sharad Pawar said that we are not hungry for power, we will continue to work for the people of the state.

Attacking nephew Ajit Pawar, he said that if there was any problem, Ajit Pawar should have spoken to me. If he had something in mind, he should have come to me.


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He said that the MLAs who have chosen the path of separation from us, did not take us into confidence. Ajit Pawar’s faction did not follow any procedure. During this, Sharad Pawar claimed that we have the symbol of NCP and it is not going anywhere. The people and party workers who brought us to power are with us.

Big things of Sharad Pawar’s speech

  1. Regarding Ajit Pawar’s allegations, Sharad Pawar said that there is no truth in the fact that we had gone to BJP.
  2. Sharad Pawar said that party capture is not good for democracy. He said that the rebels are still using my photographs.
  3. Sharad Pawar said that Manmohan Singh has worked with Narasimha Rao. Today the picture has changed, the conversation is over. If it is wrong then it has to be corrected. You have to communicate with people.
  4. He said that about 25 years ago when NCP was formed, we held a big meeting at Shivaji Park. Some of you have become MLAs, MPs and are serving the people. My aim is the development of Maharashtra. The party has developed with your blessings.
  5. Sharad Pawar said that I have shown that a common man can run the state. My priority has been how work will be done for the betterment of the people. Everyone has a different style of working. We take decisions according to the common man.


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