She is 50 years old and I am 57, not 60… Ashish Vidyarthi breaks silence on second marriage, explains why he separated from first wife

Ashish Vidyarthi is being trolled for getting married for the second time. In such a situation, by sharing a video, the actor told the truth to the fans and said that why is it a matter of age?

Veteran actor Ashish Vidyarti has tied the knot with Rupali Baruah, a resident of Assam, on May 25. After which he is being trolled by saying that he got married at the age of 60. Along with this, many kinds of questions are also being raised regarding the relationship with his first wife Rajoshi Vidyarthi. Wedding pictures are becoming very viral on social media, although no picture was shared by Ashish or his wife till now. But now the actor himself has reacted to the trolling regarding his age and relationship with his first wife by sharing a video on his official Instagram handle.

Why did Ashish Vidyarti separate from his first wife?

Ashish Vidyarti started the video by saying Namaste to the fans. He then said, “We all have different lives, we all have different needs. We all have different opportunities, we have different backgrounds, and we all have our own lives and we all want to live happily. So Peelu came into my life also about 22 years ago, Rajoshi and we both formed a very good friendship and walked together like husband and wife. During this cute Arth (son) was born, grew up went to college, now doing job.

will be sad to be together

“During this fun-filled journey of 22 years, we found some two and a half years ago that there has been a difference in the way we see the future. Peelu and me. forward the way we want. So this thing is justified and it is quite clear that both of us tried to somehow we can remove that difference. Then we said that somehow we can bridge that gap but that would mean that one would dominate the other. Eventually we found that the way we have spent 22 years in life, maybe this happiness is far away from us in the coming life. Because we will probably get married to show ourselves or to show others, but will be unhappy. Neither of us wanted this.


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Decision taken with the consent of son and friends

“We have had many examples where many people live together successfully and want to lead separate lives. But we both thought that we do not want to lead such a life. We have spent our life together happily and now when we feel that there is really some difference of opinion and without any fight. They are such that we will not be able to be happy in future. So we both decided to go our separate ways. Along with that we walked together, now as good human beings but two different paths will follow. And then we said that we will do this thing in a very dignified and nice way. Otherwise, what happens is that two good people who live together, when they part, they get angry and when they get angry, people listen and say their words. We both decided that we would not do this. We sat and talked, talked with Arth, talked with our very close friends, relatives and then we took our next step that we parted ways.”

i wanted a partner

Life is that in which we can live happily. For yourself, not for anyone else. Can we live happily by fulfilling our responsibilities. This has always been my quest. When we split, as much as I know myself, I know I don’t want to walk alone. I like my partner very much. So I said I will not give up hope, I was 55 or 56 then. I will search, I will find someone whom I will definitely be able to make my life partner. I told the universe that I wanted a partner and last year I met someone.”


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i wanted to marry

When I started talking to her, I found her in such a way that I felt that I would like to be with her. Her name is Rupali Baruah. I met Rupali and we were together for a year… we live far away but we talked, even met… and then I felt that I want to spend my life with her. Because I was very clear that I don’t want to be in a relationship just like that, I want to get married.”

Why is it a matter of age?

I asked him and he said yes, we decided that we will get married. She is 50 and I am 57…not 60. But why is it a matter of age? We can dream and take steps to be happy at any age. I hope that your love will remain with all of us. Remember that what happened to me can happen to anyone. That’s why respect and give space. Lots of love to you guys. Thank you very much for the love you have always received.


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Let us tell you that Ashish Vidyarti has done court marriage with Rupali on 25th May. This marriage took place between some special friends and family members. His second wife Rupali hails from Assam and is associated with the fashion and film industry by profession. She runs her own fashion store.


Q1- Wife of Ashish Vidyarthi?

Ashish Vidyarthi’s first wife’s name is Rajoshi Vidyarthi and second wife’s name is Rupali Barua.

Q2- Ashish Vidyarti’s family?

Ashish Vidyarti has a son from his first wife, who is studying in America. He is separated from his first wife Rajoshi and has now remarried.


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