She used to trouble the administration by making emergency calls, police arrested her and said – I was alone

Japan Police: The woman told that I used to feel alone, so I used to call emergency.

Japanese Police: Police in Japan arrested a 51-year-old woman for making false and emergency calls. The woman made around 2,761 false and emergency calls during a period of two years and nine months. Such information has been given in the report of The Independent. Hiroko Hatagami, from Matsudo City in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of obstructing the operations of the local fire department, The Mainichi reported. He had made repeated calls to different emergency numbers from his home and neighbourhood.

And between August 2020 and May 2023, he repeatedly called the Matsudo Fire Department to send an ambulance. In which the woman complained of abdominal pain and leg pain due to an overdose of the medicine. However, when the ambulance came to take her for treatment, the woman said that she did not want to take the ambulance. I didn’t make any call. Saying yes, the woman returned the ambulance.

The report was lodged with the police on June 20

After all these antics of the woman, she was repeatedly warned by the fire department and the police station for calling her without any reason. However, in spite of that this act of the woman continued. After this, on June 20, the Emergency Services Department lodged a report with the police. After which the accused woman was arrested by the police.

During interrogation, the woman told the reason

After her arrest, the accused woman explained the reason for repeated calls to the investigators. The woman explained that she did it because she was lonely and wanted someone to listen and pay attention to me.


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A similar case came in 2013 as well

According to The Straits Times, in a similar case in 2013, Japanese police arrested a woman for calling her more than 15,000 times over a six-month period. A police officer said that her call had no meaning and that she was very lonely.

A recent survey revealed that 1.5 million working-age people in Japan are living as recluses. Which is known as Hikikomori. In recent years, the incidence of social isolation in Japan has increased rapidly. It is associated with feelings of anxiety, depression and social phobia. In February 2021, Japan appointed Tetsushi Sakamoto as Minister of Loneliness in an effort to deal with the effects of the pandemic on social isolation.


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