Shekhar Suman said on the breakup of Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan – I was never against their relationship, people wanted…

Kangana Ranaut-Adhyayan Suman: Regarding the relationship between Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut, he said that he was never against her. Their relationship is broken because of people.

Kangana Ranaut got into a relationship with her co-actor Adhyayan Suman during the 2008 film Raaz: The Mystery Continues. The relationship of both was not hidden from anyone. However, the couple ended the relationship on a bad note. After the end of this relationship, Adhyayan’s father Shekhar Suman also targeted Kangana fiercely on social media. Now recently Shekhar Suman revealed that he was not against Adhyayan and Kangana’s relationship.

i was not against their relationship

In a recent interview to Bollywood Hungama, Shekhar revealed that he knew everything about Adhyayan and Kangana’s relationship. But he didn’t say anything because he wanted his son to fight for himself. The ‘Dekh Bhai Dekh’ actor said, “I knew everything. But I had never spoken to Kangana. This was his fight and he had to fight it. I’m not one of those dads who goes out and tells another man, ‘You’re with my child.’ I think he’s big enough to fight his own battles.”

Shekhar said that he wanted to make sure that Shekhar plays his fight with a safety net. He never told his son that he had a problem with Kangana and their relationship. “I was never against any relationship. I was never against his relationship with Kangana. I think it is a phase of life, sometimes you succeed in the first relationship, sometimes you fail.


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Because of the people, the relationship between the two was broken.

“No one wants their first relationship to fail. But society likes drama. People wanted Kangana and Adhyayan’s relationship to end. Sometimes your friends don’t want to see you happy.”


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The relationship didn’t break because of anyone

After a prolonged war of words with Kangana on social media, Shekhar Suman said that neither Kangana nor Adhyayan was to blame for the breakup. “Neither was Kangana’s fault nor the study was wrong. It was not written to be with them and that is what happened, the timing was bad. That relationship shouldn’t have ended on a bad note. He apologized if the study said something wrong. Now there is no resentment in his mind for anyone. Apart from this, Shekhar said that it was very difficult to come out of those memories for study.


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