Shradha Walker Murder Case: Aftab was inspired by films; Enraged Neena Gupta said – Good things are also shown, why don’t they learn?

Aftab, the criminal in the Shraddha murder case, said that he was inspired by films. On this Neena Gupta said why don’t you learn good things.

Neena Gupta and Sanjay Mishra will be seen together for the first time in the psychological thriller film ‘Vadh’. In this film, both the actors are playing the role of husband and wife. Who will get trapped in a murder case. Regarding the film, Neena Gupta has said that it will keep the audience hooked as they will keep wondering what will happen next.

Regarding ‘Slaughter’, it was being said that violence has been promoted in this film. However, Neena Gupta rubbishes these claims, saying that like any art form, films reflect what is happening in society. He said, “Whether it is a film, a show or a painting, it all reflects what is happening around us. Why do you think saas-bahu shows work so well? The women feel happy that there are others who are going through similar problems in their families. They feel a connection.”

Neena further said, “If violence is being shown it is because violence is happening all around. Now that the conversation is happening around same-sex relationships, people are telling those stories on screen as well. Also our film is not promoting it in any way. There is a reason behind his every action.

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Neena Gupta spoke on Shraddha murder case
Neena Gupta also talked about the famous Shraddha murder case that happened recently. Actually the killer Aftab has said that he was inspired by films and web shows. He also learned a lot from the English web series named Dexter in the plan to kill Shraddha. Neena Gupta got furious after knowing this.


Shradha Murder Case: Is Neena Gupta-Sanjay Mishra’s film ‘Vadh’ based on Shraddha Murder Case? The actress told the truth

Neena Gupta said, “Even good things are taught, they do not inspire. You don’t learn to put pressure on your parents, do you? I think there is a problem here (he said pointing to the brain) and he needs a doctor. It is a very bad thing that it is being said that they are getting motivated by seeing something on the screen.


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