Simple One Electric Scooter 10 Big Things: 10 big things about Simple One Electric Scooter that you should know

Simple Energy has informed to start the delivery process of Simple One Electric Scooter in a phased manner from June 6, 2023.

Bengaluru based EV startup Simple Energy has recently launched its much awaited Simple One electric scooter. Simple Energy claims that it is not just an electric scooter but a super EV that is built to give you long range. If you too were waiting for the launch of this electric scooter or want to buy it, then know here the complete details of 10 big things of Simple One.

According to Simple Energy, the delivery process for the Simple One electric scooter will begin in a phased manner from June 6. Apart from this, the company claims that in the next 8 to 10 months, 140 to 150 showrooms of Simple Energy will be set up across India.

Simple One Electric Scooter 10 Big Things

  1. Simple One electric scooter Price: Simple Energy has launched this electric scooter in the market with an initial price of Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom). But this price goes up to Rs 1.50 lakh on going to the dual tone option.
  2. Simple One electric scooter Color Option: Simple One Electric Scooter has been introduced in the market with 6 color options. Out of these six colors, 4 are single tone and 2 are dual tone color options. Single tone color options are available in Brazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue and Grace White, while dual-tone options are given for Brazen X and Light X.
  3. Simple One electric scooter Battery Pack: Simple Energy has launched this electric scooter with two battery packs, which is a 5 Kwh capacity Lithium Ion battery pack. The first battery is fixed and the second battery is removable.
  4. Simple One electric scooter Battery Pack Charging: Simple Energy claims that the battery pack can be fully charged in 1 hour 55 minutes when charged with the home charger that comes with the scooter. The fixed battery in this takes 3 hours 47 minutes to charge, while the removable battery takes 2 hours 7 minutes to charge. Apart from this, using a DC fast charger, this battery pack can be charged up to 80 percent in 1.5 hours.
  5. Simple One electric scooter Range and Top Speed: Regarding the range and speed, Simple Energy claims that once full charge, this scooter gets a riding range of 212 kilometers and with this range, a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour is also available.
  6. Simple One electric scooter Electric Motor: The Simple One packs a powerful electric motor with 11.39 bhp max power and 72 Nm peak torque, which is based on BLDC technology.
  7. Simple One electric scooter Performance: Regarding the performance of Simple One, the company claims that this electric scooter achieves a speed of 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in just 2.77 seconds.
  8. Simple One electric scooter Brakes and Tyres: Talking about the braking system, a 200mm disc brake has been installed at the front of the Simple One electric scooter and a 190mm disc brake at the rear wheel. 90/90 R12 tires have been added to this. The company claims that this combination of braking and tyres, helps it to stop at 60 kmph from standstill in just 27 metres.
  9. Simple One electric scooter Dimensions: Talking about the dimensions of Simple One, it has been made 1,900 mm long, 758 mm wide and 1,163 mm high. With this dimension, a wheelbase of 1,335 mm is available and the curb weight of this electric scooter is 134 kg.
  10. Simple One electric scooter Features: The Simple One electric scooter is a high-tech feature set with all-LED lighting, 30-litre underseat storage, swappable battery, a combi braking system, fast charging and 7-inch TFT instrument cluster, OTA updates, geo-fencing, tire pressure monitoring system Features like vehicle tracking, ride statistics and document storage have been given.


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