Singer kept firing while singing on stage, video going viral

A video is going viral on social media, in which a singer is firing while singing a song.

People often organize singing programs on the occasion of happiness, in which singers come and perform. In his honor, you give him respect by standing up or clapping. However, if they don’t like it, they start hooting. Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media, in which a singer is firing while singing a song.

Pakistani singer video viral

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar shared the video with his Twitter handle and wrote, ‘Show me the courage to tag him and criticize his song.’ The singer seen in the video is seen firing to the beats of the dhol. It looks like it is not a gun but a musical instrument.

People react to videos

@mahwashajaz_ Twitter user wrote, ‘If someone wants to invite death, then object to his singing.’ Another wrote, ‘There are more than one sample for the number of people in Pakistan.’ A Twitter user wrote, ‘Entry was free in this show, ticket was charged for exit.’ Another wrote, ‘Which culture is this? Guns like this in the hands of a civilian and a public show off? What is your police doing?’

@HamidMirPAK wrote, ‘Terrible singer. Using a gun as a musical instrument is an insult to all musicians and music. Another wrote, ‘I strongly condemn Ali Zafar’s singing and from now on I am joining this singer’s fanclub.’ One wrote, ‘This is the real satanic culture of Sindh. Sufism ended the day Pakistan was formed. It is only a land of hatred, bigotry and racism.


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Seeing this video on social media, people are giving different reactions to it. Some people say that this is a blot on the name of the singer, while some others say that this kind of culture has got a lot of boost after the formation of Pakistan. Many Pakistani Twitter users have condemned this singer.


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