Snake made whip and started beating, unique video of street fight goes viral

In a fight between two people, one person attacked the other with a snake, the video of which is going viral on social media.

Often during a fight, everyone tries to win somehow, for which he is ready to put everything at stake. A video is going viral on social media, in which a fight is taking place between two men. Police reaches within a short time to stop the fighting on the road, but now many people are demanding action against a person seen in this video.

Man attacked by snake, video viral

It is seen in the viral video that two persons are fighting with each other on the road. In this one person is attacking another person with something that looks like a whip in his hand. Actually he was nothing but a snake, with which he was killing his opponent. Meanwhile, the police reach there, people are giving their reactions after watching this video on social media.

User Feedback

One user wrote that snake I have no attachment to snakes but then I am saddened to see this video. I hope this snake will be fine. Another user wrote that I have seen more than one wild thing in my life, but I can say that I have never seen anyone beating someone with a snake before. @nachokittykat The user wrote that this is very scary, how the poor snake is sputtering afterwards.

A user wrote that legal action should be taken against this person. Another user wrote that I still cannot believe that this person has used a snake in a mutual fight. At the same time, a user wrote that strict action should be taken against this person under the Wildlife Cruelty Act. @angry_tha user wrote that seeing a snake, I run so fast that even the policemen can’t catch it.


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Let us tell you that this video was written by user @crazyclipsonly who uses his pet snake as a weapon during a street fight in Toronto. This video has been viewed by 15.2 million people. Thousands of people have given their reactions on this video. Many people have called for action against using snakes as hunters.


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