Sourav Ganguly: When Sourav Ganguly participated in the procession in the form of Sardar, yet the police took his identity

Being famous, Sourav Ganguly cannot attend Durga Puja like ordinary people. To celebrate this festival like other people, he once had to take the form of Sardar.

Former Indian cricket team captain and former player Sourav Ganguly has made many big revelations related to his life in his book ‘A Century is Not Enough’. He has also told very funny stories in his book. The festival of Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp in India and especially in Bengal.

The former captain of the Indian cricket team also likes this festival very much, but due to being famous, he cannot go to attend this festival like ordinary people. This was the reason that Ganguly once had to dress up as Sardar to celebrate Durga Puja like everyone else. However, the police had recognized him even then.

Sourav Ganguly said, ‘I love participating in Durga Puja. I also like to participate in the procession during the immersion of the Mother Goddess. In Bengal it is called ‘Bisharjon’. At this time the head of the Mother Goddess is immersed in the Ganges. This scene is very spectacular and impressive, the energy that comes out at that time is also very good. There is a huge crowd of people near the river at the time of immersion, so once when I went to join the procession, I dressed up as Harbhajan Singh’s people. I used to be the captain of Team India during that time.

Wife Donna did husband Sourav’s make-up like Sardars

Sourav Ganguly has further written in his book, ‘My Sardarji’s make-up was done by my wife Dona. All my brothers and sisters were making fun of me and saying that I would be recognized. Everyone made fun of me a lot, but I accepted the challenge and disguised myself as a Sikh to participate in the Durga immersion procession, but they were proved right.

Police did not give permission to go in the truck

Sourav told, I was not allowed by the police to go in the truck and I had to go in the car with daughter Sana. As the car approached Babughat, the police inspector peeped inside the car window, looked at me intently and smiled. He recognized me. I felt embarrassed, but told him not to tell this to anyone.

Sourav Ganguly told, my decision paid off, I saw Durga Visarjan. That scene was very special. You must see it and understand it. Anyway, Durga Maa comes only once in a year.


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