South Korea worried about the juxtaposition of Putin and Kim Jong, said in the United Nations – this meeting can prove dangerous

When North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reached Russia by train, South Korea’s heart started beating faster. Kim has returned but South Korea’s nervousness is not diminishing. He has gone to the United Nations and complained to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The President of South Korea has also warned other countries of the world regarding the gossip between North Korea and Russia. He said that an attempt by Russia, a permanent member of the Security Council, to bypass international norms can also prove to be extremely dangerous.

At the UN General Assembly, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol mentioned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia last week. Kim went to Russia and met President Vladimir Putin. Both the leaders had said that they are thinking of cooperating on defense issues. But at present no such draft has come forward in which it can be known how Kim and Putin will help each other. But it is believed that if Kim gives weapons to Russia, then Putin’s government will provide him the technology that North Korea needs.

South Korea said- Kim Jong Un is unruly

Yun said on the second day of the annual UN General Assembly leaders event that it is contradictory that a permanent member of the UN Security Council attacks its neighbor. Russia is going to acquire arms and ammunition from a regime that disregards Security Council resolutions. Yun said that if North Korea acquires destructive nuclear weapons technology from Putin in exchange for giving conventional weapons to Russia, then it is going to prove dangerous for the whole world, because Kim Jong Un is an unbridled ruler.


Kim Jong Un reached Russia by train, Putin himself welcomed him at the rocket launching center in Siberia

South Korea says that such an agreement between Russia and North Korea would be a threat to the peace and security of not only Ukraine but the Republic of Korea. South Korea has expressed support for Ukraine. Ukraine is responding strongly to the Russian military attack.


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