Srinivas, close to Rahul Gandhi, said objectionable words about Smriti Irani? this video going viral

Srinivas On Smriti Irani: National President of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas said that Smriti Irani has become deaf and dumb.

After the disqualification of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha, the Congress party has taken an aggressive stand against the Modi government at the Centre. In this episode, National President of Indian Youth Congress Srinivas has commented on Union Minister Smriti Irani. This comment of Srinivas is not going down well with the BJP. BJP is calling this comment of his indecent.

What did Srinivas say?

Srinivas said that Smriti Irani has become deaf and dumb. He further said, “I want to tell them, is daayan ko… mahangai daayan ko, has done the work of making darlings to sit in the bedroom.”

BJP’s counterattack

BJP has objection to this statement of Srinivas. The BJP says that Srinivas has called Smriti Irani a witch. Hitting back at Srinivas, Karnataka BJP said, “Congress is still unable to digest the historic defeat inflicted by Smriti Irani on foreign puppet Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. Congress has become a bastion of misogyny and perversion.

Talking about BJP’s counterattack, Srinivas said what is wrong with it?

BJP’s retaliatory talk, Srinivas said that when the price of gas cylinder was Rs 400, she (Smriti Irani) used to talk about ‘Mahangai Daayan’ and now the price has reached Rs 1100, now she does not talk of ‘Mahangai Daayan’. . He said that this is what I had said earlier, what is wrong with it.

The former Karnataka Under-19 cricketer said that the way Nathuram Godse could not kill the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. In the same way even today the people of BJP and RSS will not be able to kill Gandhi and his thoughts even in the coming 100 years. He said that till now 2 ‘cowards’ have been born in India. One shot ‘Gandhi’, but could never kill Gandhi’s ideology. The other ‘coward’ got Rahul Gandhi disqualified from the Parliament, but can never silence Rahul Gandhi. Sanghis should work hard for 100 more years.

Regarding Priyanka Gandhi’s speech at Rajghat, Srinivas said that in a time when every rising voice is being suppressed, every agency and institution is being used to silence it, this address was given from Rajghat at that time. Gives courage to crores of Indians to fight against cowardly dictators. He said that today the MP involved in ‘terrorism’ is inside the House and Rahul Gandhi, who raised his voice against inflation, unemployment, Modani, is outside the House.

Srinivas said that I want to tell these RSS people that you are forgetting that you cannot end this Gandhi family and Gandhi’s ideology. The names of Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi will always remain in history.


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