Strange case of theft! Thieves took away tomatoes worth lakhs from woman’s farm, FIR registered

In the wholesale market of Delhi, quality tomato is being sold at Rs.130 per kg and in the retail market at Rs.150 to Rs.200 per kg, meanwhile, a case of tomato theft has come to the fore in Karnataka.

Tomato prices are skyrocketing these days. In many places, tomatoes are available at Rs 150 per kg. Meanwhile, a strange case has come to light from Karnataka where tomatoes worth about Rs 2.5 lakh have been stolen from a farmer’s field. The woman farmer is sad because of the theft of tomatoes. The farmer has also lodged a complaint with the police on the theft of tomatoes from the field.

Theft case came to light in Karnataka

This case of tomato theft has come to light from Hassan district of Karnataka. It was told that thieves came in the night and ran away after plucking tomatoes from the field. The woman farmer told that tomatoes worth about two and a half lakh rupees were stolen. He had cultivated tomatoes on about two acres of land.

Tomato was cultivated in 2 acres

Dharani, a woman farmer who grows tomatoes on 2 acres of land, said that she was planning to pluck tomatoes and sell them in the market when the thieves made her hands clean. Dharani says that the price of tomato in Bengaluru has reached more than Rs 120 per kg. The woman farmer said that she suffered a huge loss in the bean crop and had to take a loan to grow tomatoes.


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The woman farmer told that our crop was good and the prices were also good, but apart from stealing 50-60 bags of tomatoes, the thieves also destroyed the rest of the standing crop. A complaint has been lodged at Halebidu police station regarding this theft incident. Now the police is investigating the matter.

Tomato price is skyrocketing

In the wholesale market of Delhi, quality tomato is being sold at Rs 130 per kg and in the retail market at Rs 150 to 200 per kg. According to media reports, tomatoes are being sold at Rs 250 per kg at some places. And in Mumbai too, the price of tomato is around 200. It is being told that tomato farming has suffered a lot due to the weather, which is why the prices of tomatoes are skyrocketing.


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