Supreme Court is strict in the case of beating of school child in Muzaffarnagar, gave this big order to the government

The Supreme Court on the case of a teacher in Muzaffarnagar asking students to slap a classmate, said that if the allegation is true then it should shock the conscience of the state. Along with this, the Supreme Court today ordered that a senior IPS officer be appointed to supervise the investigation of the case. Describing it as serious and worrying, the court said that it is a matter of right to life.

What was the matter?

A video of this matter went viral on social media, after which anger was seen on a large scale among the people. In this video, it could be clearly seen that a student was slapped one by one by his classmates. In the video, the teacher was also heard asking the students to hit him hard and the female teacher was also accused of harboring hatred towards a particular community.

What did the court say?

The Supreme Court has adjourned the case to October 30 and directed the Uttar Pradesh government to file a compliance report on counseling of the students involved and take responsibility for the education of the victim child.

The Supreme Court also took serious objection to the FIR, which did not include the allegations made by the child’s father. “The father had given a statement that his son was beaten because of his religion, but this was not mentioned in the FIR,” the court said. The court said that this is a matter of quality education which also includes sensitive education. The Uttar Pradesh government claimed that the communal aspect of the case had been exaggerated.


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On September 6, the Supreme Court had issued a notice to the UP government and sought a report from the District Superintendent of Police. It asked what action was taken against the accused and what steps were taken for the safety of the child’s family. The accused 60-year-old teacher, named Tripta Tyagi, who is also the principal of Neha Public School in Muzaffarnagar, initially said she was not ashamed of her actions, but later released a video message stressing that she had regrets. There is no communal feeling.


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