Supreme Court: ‘We cannot decide which train stops where’, CJI DY Chandrachud reprimanded the petitioner

CJI DY Chandrachud: CJI reprimanded the petitioner and said that you want us to decide where the Vande Bharat train will stop?

CJI DY Chandrachud: Many times such petitions come in the Supreme Court, due to which even the judges hearing the case are surprised. A similar case was seen in the apex court on Monday. In which the petitioner had demanded from the Supreme Court that an order should be issued to stop the Vande Bharat train at Trirur railway station in Kerala. However, the Supreme Court dismissed a petition seeking stoppage of Vande Bharat train at Tirur railway station.

A bench of CJI DY Chandrachud, PS Narasimha and Justice Manoj Mishra heard the petition. The CJI reprimanded the petitioner and said that you want us to decide where the Vande Bharat train will stop? Should we schedule Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani stop next? Chandrachud further said that it is a policy matter, go to the authorities.

Expressing displeasure, Justice PS Narasimha said that you have converted this court into a post office. It was said on behalf of the appellant that at least the Supreme Court should ask the government to consider this representation, but the Chief Justice said that he would not interfere, it would seem that we have applied discretion in this matter.

The Supreme Court said that the stops to be given for the train is a matter which has to be determined by the Railways. No person has an inherent right to demand that a particular train should stop at a particular station. The court observed that if everyone in each district starts demanding to be provided with a stop at the railway station of their choice, then the very purpose of setting up high speed trains will be defeated.


Advocate got entangled with CJI for elephant, Chandrachud first explained, if he did not agree then he lost his temper, changed his own order

The top court further said that railway stops should not be provided on demand on the basis of personal or vested interests, especially for high speed express trains like Vande Bharat train. If stops are provided on public demand, the term express train itself will become a misnomer.

A petitioner named PT Shajeesh had filed a petition in the Supreme Court. The petition sought directions to make the Vande Bharat train stop at Trirur in Kerala. It was said in the petition that a large number of people here depend on the train. Tirur Railway Station is the main terminus as well as the busiest railway station in Malappuram district. If the permission to stop the train is not given here, then it will be a big problem for the passengers. It was further stated in the petition that this is not being done due to political reasons. However, this petition has already been dismissed by the Kerala High Court. This decision was challenged in the Supreme Court.


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