Surendra Ram was working the spade in the field, when the girl saw it, the marriage was confirmed, Bihar’s minister himself told the story

When the girl saw it, she liked it at first sight. The matter of marriage was fixed on the farm itself.

Bihar’s Labor Resources Minister Surendra Ram’s early life was spent in extreme poverty and deprivation. His family used to do daily wages for livelihood. He had absolutely no money when he got married. Because of this, he earned money by doing wages with his brother for many days in Delhi, only then he could get married.

Viewers had come without information, liked in the first time itself

According to Surendra Ram, one day he was plowing the onion field with his father. Meanwhile, two people came there and introduced themselves to his father Parmeshwar Ram and informed him to talk about the son’s relationship. When he asked him about Surendra Ram, the father pointed out that he was working with a hoe. The girls who came without any information liked Surendra Ram in the first instance itself. After this he asked them to come and see the girl one day. On father’s refusal, he started insisting. In this way, after the marriage was confirmed, Surendra Ram faced the problem of money. To raise money for marriage, he worked as a daily wage worker in Delhi.

Worked as a daily wage laborer to raise money, lived in a rented room without a fan

Surendra Ram tells that he decided that he would go to Delhi with his brother and get married only after earning something from there. When he reached Delhi, he rented a room to live in which there was no fan. Living in a small room without a fan in the scorching heat, the two brothers worked as daily wage laborers. After working for a long time, he left for home after collecting some money and after that he could get married.

Political career started from councilor in 2001, became MLA in 2020

He is a resident of Chaknur village of Dighwara Nagar Panchayat in Saran district of the state. Surendra Ram’s political career began in 2001 when he was elected councilor of ward number five of Dighwara. Later he was elected vice president there. As the leader of the Rashtriya Janata Dal, he was later made the city president. For a long time he continued to work in his area as a party worker. In 2020, he got party ticket from Gadkha assembly seat and won and became MLA. A few months back, he has been nominated as the minister in charge of Kaimur district.


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