Suryakumar Yadav: “The sun sets” even in T20 cricket the Indian bat “Mr 360 degrees” only runs in the IPL, Where is the mistake?

Suryakumar Yadav: Suryakumar Yadav’s bat against West Indies is silent in T20 after the ODI series. If Surya’s stats are anything to go by, when he walks, Team India wins. Why do they have to walk like that? That’s what we’re going to tell you. The question is whether Surya’s changes to the playing order have made a difference.

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Form analysis: Suryakumar Yadav’s tour of the West Indies failed to live up to fans’ expectations. In contrast to the way he roared at IPL 2023, he seemed completely the opposite in the “National Duty”. It seemed that when he played against the West Indies, he would be rubbing shoulders with this team. That’s the kind of caliber he’s got. According to this, he doesn’t play at all. Suryakumar Yadav was seen struggling on the Windies tour. It should be noted here that Surya was the number 1 batsman in T20. But Suryakumar’s recent performances don’t match his talent.
In the ODI series, Surya was expected to prevail against the Windies’ weak bowling attack. Surya scored 24 and 19 runs in the first two ODIs played in Bridgetown. In the third ODI in Taruba, India posted a colossal score of 351 runs. Surya scored 35 runs in the last ODI played in Taruba, and that too in 30 balls so it can’t be said that this is his standard batting.
After that, Surya was expected to fire on all cylinders with his bat in the 5-match T20 series, but even in the first match he managed to score 21 runs in just 21 balls. Surya’s T20 form is always shocking. Head coach Rahul Dravid himself admitted that Surya didn’t have the same class in T20 as he did in ODIs. Meanwhile, Rahul declared that Surya is an excellent ODI batsman.
Surya was dismissed for three consecutive 0s in three ODIs against Australia before the West Indies tour. After that, he was not seen throughout Ponteshal when playing for Team India.
Surya made a strong comeback in the IPL after this ODI series. After failing to score in the first few matches, he scored 605 runs in 16 IPL matches with an average of 43.21 and a strike rate of 181.14. After participating in the IPL, Surya landed directly on the Windies tour. Surya played a total of 139 IPL matches, during which he covered 3249 points with an average of 32.17 and a success rate of 143.32.

Difference due to Surya’s change of battle order?

In the first ODI against the West Indies, Surya moved up to third place in the second ODI and sixth place in the third ODI. At the same time, in the first T20 against the Windies, he was tried out at number three. In such a situation, we can assume that the negative impact of the batting order experiments currently underway in Team India is being felt by Surya.

In T20 only, Surya also opened in this format. He scored 135 points in 33.75 matches by opening in 4 matches. At the same time, he played 11 times in third position, where he scored 334 runs with an average of 37.11 and a strike rate of 162.13. The fourth position is Surya’s favorite in T20. He played this position 28 times. With his bat, he scored 1102 runs with an average of 52.47 and a success rate of 179.18. It’s clear that Surya loves this position. He played 4 matches at number 5, scoring 125 runs.

What happens to Surya in ODI?

Surya’s record in ODI T20 is completely different. He has played 49 T20 matches so far, during which he has scored 1696 points at an average of 45.83. In 26 ODIs, he has scored just 511 points at an average of 24.33. This is the exact opposite of Surya’s talent. Surya has only played one Test match, and in that match, held in Nagpur in February 2023, he scored just 8 runs. After that, Surya was given the opportunity to play a Test match again.
Kota “suicide” case: 6 people, including a classmate and the hostel owner, charged with murder

The case of the suicide of a student in Kota: Manjot Singh Chhabra, 17, a resident of Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, had come to Kota in April to prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) in order to gain admission to a medical school.
A new trend has emerged in the case of the death of a student who had come to prepare for the NEET exam in Kota, Rajasthan. On Thursday August 3, 2023, the corpse of Manjot Singh, a 17-year-old student, was found in his hotel room. At first it was thought to be suicide, but the very next day a shocking case came to light. Rajasthan police on Friday registered a case of murder against the student’s classmate, the hostel owner and four others.

The student arrived in Kota four months ago

Manjot Singh Chhabra, 17, a resident of Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, had come to Kota last April to prepare for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to a medical college. According to the PTI news agency, Manjot’s face was wrapped in a plastic bag and his hands were tied. At first, it was considered a case of suicide. But the student’s father claims that his son was murdered.


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