Teacher was getting a student to remove lice in class, video from Bihar went viral

Principal of Video Primary School Makdampur Mohd. It belongs to Ghafar, who instead of teaching children is busy on mobile and getting lice out of children.

Many videos exposing the secrets of Bihar’s education system go viral on social media. At present, one such video is going viral again in which a teacher is seen getting the lice removed from her head by a student. Seeing this video, people are expressing concern about the education system of Bihar and the future of the children.

The case is being told of Saharsa in Bihar, where a teacher has been accused of getting the lice removed from a student. A video related to this is also going viral. In the video, the teacher is sitting on a chair and is on the phone. Behind him stands a student with his hand on the teacher’s head. It is alleged that the teacher is getting the lice removed from the student.

According to the information, the headmaster of the video primary school, Makdampur, Mohd. It belongs to Ghafar, who instead of teaching children is busy on mobile and getting lice out of children. This video is going viral on social media and people’s reactions are coming out on it.


One user wrote, ‘The principal of Ithari Primary School in Saharsa is watching the reel on his mobile while getting the student to remove the lice. Sushasan Babu is pushing the future of the children into darkness. A user named Shashikant wrote, “To have fun like this, everyone in Bihar wants to become a teacher, and BJP people are supporting this.”


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Another wrote, ‘Once the fake teachers are out, only then there will be improvement, these people are defaming Bihar, the teachers who teach or those who are educated will never do this.’ Another wrote, ‘Such a teacher should be fired without thinking twice.’ A Twitter user wrote, ‘And these people are demanding to make themselves permanent. They should be ashamed.


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