The boy died from a mosquito bite

Every time we go out into the open, mosquitoes attack as soon as it gets dark. But since mosquitoes only live on the blood of others, in such a situation they don’t bite according to a person’s age or anything else. Sometimes mosquito bites are normal, but sometimes they can make a person suffer for the rest of his or her life.

Whether in the rainy season or early winter, swarming mosquitoes won’t let you sit or sleep peacefully. The problem arises when they cause diseases that weigh heavily on people’s lives. Often, as well as at night, they start to bother you during the day.

A 14-year-old boy killed by a mosquito

The boy whose story we’re going to tell today was just 14 years old and living in Europe with his parents. His name was Matteo Shiu and he lived in Italy. He had gone on vacation to Brazil with his mother. At Nani’s, A. Matteo had a good time with the family, but it was there that he was bitten by a mosquito. This mosquito was different from ordinary mosquitoes and began to cause Matteo problems. His family is shocked by this incident, as no one expected such an accident. He was admitted to hospital for treatment and the boy died during the treatment.

Don’t take mosquitoes lightly

Even if a hand falls on this little creature, it becomes a heart, but you’d never suspect that this animal is responsible for the death of a large number of human beings. Even before this, there were cases where, due to the infection spread by mosquitoes, patients had to have their hands and feet bitten. We may be afraid of creatures like the lion, the leopard and the crocodile, but the most deadly to human life is the mosquito.


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