The bride was ready for marriage, but the groom ran away, chased her for 20 kilometers, then got married like this

The bride was waiting for the wedding procession dressed up, when someone told her that the groom was upset about something and was about to run away. After chasing for 20 km, the bride got married in the temple!

There is a lot of discussion about a marriage that took place in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Before marriage, the bride came to know that the bridegroom had absconded from the wedding procession, so the bride chased him for about 20 km and married the groom after catching him. It is being told that the love affair of both was going on, but even before marriage, the bridegroom refused to marry and started running away.

The groom was trying to run away

This strange case of marriage is from the old city of Baradari police station area of ​​Bareilly, where the bride was ready for marriage but she got a clue that the groom was refusing to marry. He wants to run away. When the bride called, the groom started saying that he was going to pick up his mother from his house in Badaun. However, when the bride got suspicious, she set out in search of the groom.

married in the temple

The groom was found near a police station outside Bareilly city limits, having boarded a bus. The bride dropped the groom from the bus and took him to a nearby temple and the two got married. Many pictures of the wedding of both of them are going viral on social media. Along with this, there is a lot of discussion about this marriage.

According to the information, the love affair of both was going on for about two and a half years. The relatives of both were also ready for marriage. All the preparations for the marriage were done but before the marriage, the groom’s mind changed and he refused to marry. When the bride got to know about it, she chased him for 20 km and caught the groom and then got married.


The bride wrote on the mirror with lipstick- ‘Papa forgive me, I was your good daughter…’ Then hanged

Reactions from social media users

One user wrote that the poor man tried a lot to escape but could not escape, after all who can avoid the untoward? Another user wrote – “If you didn’t want to get married then why did he say yes first?” The same should happen to those who run away after making preparations for marriage. Another user said- “The groom must have been under some compulsion, it is a one sided thing. By the way, without a family, which marriage is consensual?


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