The deputy clerk fainted while recording the decision to remove the Shivling the judge hastily amended his order

While recording the decision to remove the Shivling from the disputed land, the deputy clerk suddenly fainted. Seeing the deputy clerk’s state of health, the High Court judge also modified his decision. The case was referred back to the lower court.
Justice Joy Sengupta of the Calcutta High Court ruled in one case that the Shivling should be removed from the disputed land. But as he was recording the decision to evict this Shivling, the deputy registrar suddenly fainted. He was admitted to the court health center. On the other hand, seeing the deputy clerk’s state of health, the judge also modified his decision.

According to court sources, there is a long-standing dispute between Sudeep Pal and Govind Mandal, a resident of Khidirpur, Beldanga, Murshidabad, over a piece of land. In May last year, the dispute escalated into a brawl. Govinda then allegedly set up a Shivling on the disputed land overnight. Sudeep complained about this to the police station. The police promised to investigate the matter. However, as the police took no action, Sudeep filed a complaint with the Calcutta High Court.
Govinda’s lawyer, Mrityunjay Chattopadhyay, told the judge, “My client did not install the Shivling, but the Shivling itself emerged from the ground.” Judge Joy Sengupta, after hearing arguments from both sides, ordered that the Shivling be removed from the ground. While recording the verdict, the clerk’s assistant Vishwanath Rai suddenly fell unconscious, prompting the judge to modify his decision and declare that the case should be dealt with as a civil matter by a lower court.

However, in the month of Sawan, there is a round of water offerings on the head of Shiva. At this point, everyone is surprised to see that the Calcutta High Court is having difficulty registering the decision to expel the Shivling.


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