The election results have shown the mirror to the overconfident leaders of BJP, even the MPs have no time, the leaders are busy with Facebook and Twitter – RSS leader wrote

An article published in the latest issue of RSS-affiliated magazine Organiser described the Lok Sabha election results as a mirror to overconfident BJP leaders and workers. The article also said that the leaders were busy sharing posts on social media and did not come down to the ground. According to the article, the leaders were happy in their own world and were not listening to the voices rising from the ground.

There is turmoil within the Sangh over the attitude of the BJP

The article written by RSS member Ratan Sharda clearly reflects the turmoil within the Sangh over the attitude of the BJP towards the organisation. Sharda has said in the article, “This false arrogance that only BJP leaders understand real politics and RSS people are village idiots is laughable.”

Sharda has said in her article, “RSS is not the regional force of BJP. In fact, BJP, the world’s largest party, has its own workers. They are responsible for regular election work like reaching out to voters, explaining the party’s agenda and distributing voter cards.”


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BJP leaders did not pay attention to ground reality- RSS member

Blaming the BJP for the election results, the article said, “The results of the 2024 general elections have come as a reality check for overconfident BJP workers and many leaders. They did not realise that Prime Minister Narendra Modiji’s 400+ slogan was a target for the BJP and a challenge for the opposition. Goals are achieved by hard work on the ground, not by sharing posters and selfies on social media. Since, they were happy in their own world, enjoying the glow emanating from Modiji’s aura, they were not listening to the voices on the ground.”

Sharada suggests that the neglect of old dedicated workers by new-age social media and selfie-driven activists has had a negative impact on the BJP. “If BJP workers have not reached out to the RSS, they will have to answer why they thought it was not required,” Sharada writes.

‘BJP MPs and ministers are out of reach of the people’

The author has also criticised the inaccessibility of BJP MPs and ministers. “For years, the biggest complaint of any BJP or RSS worker and common citizen has been the difficulty or even impossibility of meeting the local MP or MLA, let alone ministers. Insensitivity to their problems is another dimension. Why are BJP’s elected MPs and ministers always ‘busy’? Why are they never seen in their constituencies? Why is it so difficult to respond to messages?” said Sharada.


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‘Some limits to Modi magic’

The article also suggests that there are some limitations to Modi magic. The idea that Modiji is contesting all 543 seats has some limitations. This idea became suicidal when candidates were changed, imposed at the cost of local leaders and turncoats were given more importance. It is sad that even good performing MPs were sacrificed to accommodate latecomers.

Unanimousness is our tradition- Mohan Bhagwat

Earlier, speaking on the election results, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had said on Monday that a true servant does not have ego and he works without hurting others.


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Addressing a gathering of RSS leaders and workers after a training programme for RSS workers in Nagpur, Mohan Bhagwat had said, “Elections are an integral part of democracy and since there are two parties, there is competition. Because of this, there is a tendency to defeat the other and that is how it should be. But decorum is important there too. One should not lie. People have been elected, they will sit in Parliament and run the country by consensus. Consensus is our tradition.”

Voices of protest in BJP

After the election results, voices have started rising within the BJP regarding the selection of candidates, the behavior of the leaders and the working style of the central leadership. In Assam, an MLA publicly said that the loss of the Jorhat seat to the Congress was due to the arrogant behavior of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma. After the defeat of two senior Union ministers and a former state president in West Bengal and the party winning six seats less than in 2019, some senior BJP leaders of the state have started raising questions about the selection process of candidates and election management.


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