The eyes of the land mafia on the property of the akhadas, increasing disputes

Many sadhus have been abducted in Uttarakhand in connection with land properties.

In Uttarakhand, people come to the akhadas and ashrams of saints and sages in search of Bagh Shanti and consider these spiritual centers as a good center for a pleasant experience, but these days these akhadas and ashrams are getting embroiled in controversies. Saints who once used to go to the caves of the Himalayas to do penance for knowledge and meditation, today they are accusing each other for the division of the land wealth of ashrams and akhadas.

Many sadhus have been abducted in the affair of these land properties. Many have been murdered. The murder of Mahant Sudhir Giri of Haridwar’s Mahanirvani Panchayati Akhara on 14 April 2012 and the abduction of Kothari Mahant Mohan Das of Shri Panchayati Udasin Bada Akhara on 16 September 2017 while going to Mumbai in Haridwar Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak train had shaken this Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. . There was a tremendous confrontation between the saints and saints who had come from Punjab and the local saints over the possession of Shri Nirmal Panchayati Akhara.

Shri Mahant Gyandev Singh Maharaj of Shri Nirmal Panchayati Akhara, along with a BJP leader and a corporator of Haridwar Municipal Corporation, had expelled Mahant Balwant Singh, secretary of the Akhara, on the charge of destroying the land of the Akhara, after that the Akhara In years, there was tension between saints and sages. Now the recent incident is about the ongoing dispute between the Mahants of Shri Udasin Panchayati Bada Akhara, Rajghat, Kankhal regarding the property of the Akhara.

Mahant Raghu Muni Maharaj of Paschim Pangat, Kothari Mahant Damodar Das Maharaj of Kankhal branch, Mahant Darshan Das of Ferupur-Haridwar, three of the top mahants of Shree Panchayati Udasin Bada Akhara, on the charge of misappropriating the property of the Akhara. Four Mahants including Maharaj and Mahant Agar Das Maharaj of Prayagraj have been expelled from the arena.

On the other hand, Mahant Raghu Muni of Paschim Pangat has claimed a stay from the district court of Haridwar against this decision of the three Mahants of the Akhara, while the other three Mahants of the Akhara are telling this stay of the court as an ad hoc stay, which only Mahant Raghu Applies only to Muni and not to any other Mahant.

Mahant Raghu Muni and Mahant Damodar Das deny the allegations leveled against them and say that the Mahants of Paschim Pangat have been insulted by the three Mahants and the decision of the three Mahants is unconstitutional. He said that some saints are spoiling the atmosphere of the arena. Mahant Raghu Muni said that he has not sold a single property of the Akhara, if this allegation is proved against him, he himself will leave the Akhara. He has served the Akhara selflessly for 40 years.

All four mahants removed on charges of corruption

Four mahants including Mahant Raghu Muni of Paschim Pangat of Shri Udasin Panchayati Bada Akhara and Kothari Mahant Damodar Das of Kankhal branch of Akhara have been removed due to allegations of land scam and corruption. This was disclosed by Mahant Durgadas of the Jamaat of the Akhara. He showed the papers of the land sold by these two Mahants Raghu Muni and Mahant Damodar Das in front of the media.

He said that some land mafia and white-collar leaders are also involved in this conspiracy who want to tarnish the reputation of the Akhara. He has no dispute with the western wing of the akhada. Paschim Pangat is our integral part, two of its mahants indulged in scams and corruption and brought down the dignity of the akhada, so they were removed.

CBI inquiry should be done in Mahant Mohan Das kidnapping case

Mahant Durgadas alleged that Mahant Mohan Das, former Kothari of the Akhara, was abducted by some land mafia, politicians and sadhus. He demanded Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to conduct a CBI inquiry into the kidnapping of Mahant Mohandas. He said that when Mohan Das was abducted, we had demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter in front of the then Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. Then Trivendra Singh Rawat had talked about getting the SIT investigated to reach the truth of the matter, but the SIT could not do anything in this matter.

Acharya Srichandra founded the Udasin sect

Shri Udasin Sampradaya was founded by Bhagwan Acharya Srichandra ji, the son of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs. After that, saints of Udasin sect used to travel around India and propagate Sanatan Dharma and Vedas. Baba Bankhandi established Shri Udasin Panchayati Akhara on the banks of the Ganges at Rajghat in Haridwar Kankhal on the day of Magh Shukla Panchami in Vikram Samvat 1825 on the occasion of Haridwar Kumbh. Since then this Akhara propagates Panch Dev Puja, Sanatan Dharma and Vedas. The branches and many ashrams of this akhada are established at different places in India.

Joining the dispute of BJP MLA and former councilor took a new turn

A new controversy has come to the fore after the names of BJP MLA Madan Kaushik and former councilor Bhupendra Kumar were added to the dispute of Shri Panchayati Udasin Bada Akhara. Mahants have accused former cabinet minister of Uttarakhand government, former BJP state president and city MLA of Haridwar Madan Kaushik and former councilor Bhupendra Kumar of unethical interference in the Akhara’s arrangement.

Mr. Mahant Durgadas Maharaj of the akhada said that our akhadas have their own arrangements. It is being operated by Mahants, Panchs etc. of Akharas uninterruptedly. But former state BJP president and city MLA Madan Kaushik and former councilor Bhupendra Kumar are trying to interfere in the activities of the arena. He instructed them to stay away from the activities of the Akhara and other arrangements.

Not only this, he called his life a threat and demanded his security from the state government. On the other hand, city MLA Madan Kaushik says that the allegations leveled against him are baseless. They respect all the akhadas and saints. He will soon meet Shri Mahant Maheshwar Das Maharaj, Mahant Durgadas Maharaj and other saints and seek their blessings.


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