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Ayushmann Khurrana’s team will soon be on the big screen with the film ‘Dream Girl 2’, in which he will once again play the role of Pooja.
The film will be released in cinemas on August 30. In the meantime, discussions have begun about the salaries of the stars working in this film. Let us tell you all about it.
According to reports, Ayushman Khurana has accepted a fee of 15,000 rupees for the film. That’s five times more than the money received by his heroine Ananya Pandey.
Ananya Pandey plays Ayushmann’s girlfriend in the film “Dream Girl 2”. She despairs of romance between the two. According to reports, the actress receives Rs 3 crore as remuneration for her work in the film.
Paresh Rawal will play an amusing character in the film. He will be the father-in-law of Pooja, Ayushmann’s female avatar. It has been reported that Paresh will accept a fee of Rs. 1.5 crore for the role.
In addition to Paresh, Rajpal Yadav is also taking part in the film. He will be seen alongside Paresh Rawal. Rajpal receives a fee of 1 crore rupees for the film.
Actor Annu Kapoor will also play the role of Ayushmann Khurrana’s father in ‘Dream Girl 2’. This time, however, his style will be different. According to some reports, his fee for this film is Rs 85 lakh.
As for the film, actor Vijay Raj will also be part of ‘Dream Girl 2’. He is said to have taken Rs. 70 lakhs to make the film.
Bollywood actor and senior comedian Asrani will also play an important role in the film. His fee for the film is said to be 45 lakhs.


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