The inauguration of the new Parliament House is correct, what will happen to the old one? Know the answer to your every question

At present, many questions are viral on social media, these questions are about the old Parliament and about the new one. From cost to features, know everything in one place.

Sandan Bhavan, which is considered to be the temple of democracy, is now going to be more modern, grand and ‘safe’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate the new Parliament House on 28 May i.e. Sunday. On the one hand, there is curiosity in the country about this Parliament House, and on the other hand politics is going on at its peak. Many such parties have come forward who have refused to participate in this programme. Now politics is at its place, but at this time many questions are viral on social media, these questions are about the old Parliament and about the new one.

What will happen to the old Parliament House?

At this time, the first question coming in the mind of the people is that what will happen to the old one after the inauguration of the new Parliament House. Let us tell you that the government has already made arrangements for this. It is being told that in the coming times, the old Parliament House will be used for parliamentary programs. Apart from this, this old Parliament House will also be used as a museum. The coming generations should know about the democracy of the country, this is also going to be one of the objectives of the government.

Is Central Vista different from New Parliament House?

No, actually Central Vista is a big project, and this new parliament building is a part of that project. That is, the new Parliament building is just one aspect of the Central Vista project. About 20 thousand crore rupees are being spent on the entire Central Vista, but if we talk about the new Parliament House alone, it has been completed in 12 thousand crore rupees. Inside the Central Vista, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament, North Block, South Block, Vice President’s house are also included.

Why was there a need for a new parliament building?

This question has been asked many times in front of the government, many leaders of the opposition have also said that the new parliament building was constructed by wasting money. But the Centre’s direct argument is that the space in the present Parliament House is less, more MPs cannot sit. From the point of view of experts, the old Parliament is no longer favorable even from the point of view of security. The old Parliament built during the British period is about to turn 100 years old, so it does not have the strength to withstand a major earthquake. Because of this also a new building has been constructed.

What is special about the new Parliament House?

From the point of view of the government, there are many special things in this new Parliament House. In terms of place, a big change is about to come. In the new Parliament House, the Lok Sabha will now have a capacity of 888 members, earlier it was only 552. Similarly, in the Rajya Sabha, this figure will be 384 in the new Parliament, which was only 250 earlier. During the joint meeting, now 1272 members will be able to sit at a time. The center of attraction this time is also the design of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. In fact, the new Lok Sabha has been designed keeping in mind the national bird peacock, while the Rajya Sabha has been said to be inspired by the lotus flower.

Who has built the new Parliament House?

The contract for the new Parliament House was awarded to Tata Projects Limited. In the year 2020, the company made a big bid of Rs 861.90 crore and then this dream job went to him. It is important to understand here that the new building is a part of Central Vista itself. The blueprint of this project has been designed by architecture firm HCP.


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