The journalist had to take an expensive cab!

We had to pay 4,000 rupees for 4 KM, the question was put to the CEO during the interview, and then…
We’ve all had to use cabs to get somewhere at one time or another. We often see the man in the street complaining about his rent. UBER and Ola’s cab services are well known all over the world. But in a new case, you’ll be shocked to hear the fare. In fact, one passenger had to pay over 4,000 rupees for a 4-kilometer ride.

When Uber’s CEO saw the bill, he was also surprised. Afterwards, he clarified the bill. In fact, a surprising case recently came to the attention of Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Recently, a journalist named Steven Levy used Uber’s service for a 4-kilometer ride in New York’s Manhattan neighborhood, and for this he had to pay $51.69 (about Rs. 4,294). This amount also included the driver’s tip.
When Sweetvan Levy showed the rent receipt to Dara Khosrshahi during an interview, the latter was surprised. He said: “Oh my God! He then went on to justify the rent by explaining it. He also explained the reason. He said it wasn’t up to Uber to raise the price of a ride. The economy is struggling with inflation and he said everything was becoming more expensive.
However, a Forbes report refutes his answer. According to the report, between 2018 and 2022, Uber’s U.S. fares quadrupled relative to inflation. Over the past four years, Uber’s fares have increased by around 83%. However, not only in America, but also in India, customers seem concerned about the fares of cab services.


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